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The Most Popular Blogs in 2023 on Cosette is Cookin’

Now that 2023 is over, let’s see which were the most popular blogs in 2023 on the site. 3 Blogs are the same as in 2022. I’ve also compiled a list of least read blogs. So without further ado here are the best food blogs of 2023.

Most Popular Blogs 2023

The most popular blog last year was an explanation blog, namely Pasteurized Eggs vs Unpasteurized: What’s the Difference? I published the post in May 2022 and it really picked up last year.

The second and third most read blogs in 2023 were also published in 2022. The second one was the most read blog in 2022. Review: Café Winkel 43, the Best Apple Pie, also published in May 2022 and it remains a popular review.

Frikandel Speciaal, placed in a plastic tray, the size of the frikandel. With a bamboo fork in it.
Frikandel Speciaal

Third place is a new one on the list, published in July 2022, is Traditional Dutch Food: Frikandel. It’s a blog all about this popular Dutch snack.

Split Pea Soup, 3 soup bowls with the soup, seen from above. Standing next to eachother on a black tray. A white paper napkin under each bowl. A slice of rye bread with katenspek on it in front of it
Split Pea Soup

Fourth and fifth are blogs published in 2021. Traditional Dutch Food: Split Pea Soup or Erwtensoep. It held second place in 2022 and fourth place in 2021. I published it in March of 2021, the traditional Dutch food series remains pretty well read.

Fifth is a recipe, that came in on the fourth place in 2022, Creamy Gnocchi Recipe with Dolcelatte, Figs and Hazelnuts. A delicious comfort food recipe that I published in September 2021.

Most Popular Blogs Published in 2023

So which blogs that I wrote and published in 2023 were popular, since in the above list there are none from 2023.

The most popular of the blog posts published in 2023 is Traditional Dutch Food: Hagelslag, published in January. Hagelslag are chocolate sprinkles, you’ll eat on a slice of bread.

De Bijbel van de Indonesische Keuken cookbook, seen from the side
De Bijbel van de Indonesische Keuken cookbook

The second most popular of the ones published in 2023, is De Bijbel van de Indonesische Keuken Review: A Cookbook Full of Delicious Indonesian Food, one of the cookbook reviews on the site. I published it in January.

Third is a restaurant review, Review: Woods35, A Restaurant Hidden in the Woods, also published in January.

Fourth is a recipe comparison blog, namely The Best Pizza Dough for Homemade Pizza Recipe Comparisons, I compare different recipes to prepare pizza dough. Again published in January.

Avocado strawberry banana pancake, rolled up on a blue plate, seen from the side
Avocado strawberry banana pancake

Fifth is a recipe I published in May. Avocado Strawberry Banana Pancakes, delicious stuffed pancakes.

Least Visited Blogs 2023

Which blogs attracted the least visitors last year? The least 5 visited are all part of the weekly series of food photos. Two of them were also least visited in 2022, sadly. Week 6 2021, number 1 and week 47 2022, number 4. The others are week 53 2021, week 48 2022 and week 45 2022. The 2022 ones were published in November and December 2022. The other two in September 2021 and January 2022.

So That Are the Most Popular Blogs 2023

And that’s a wrap. I hope you’ve enjoyed these blogs just as much as others did last year!  

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