De Drie Graefjes location on the Rokin, seen from the outisde, the front of the bakery and lunchroom, two entrances, on the left to the bakery, on the right to the lunchroom. Old Amsterdam buildings. Name of the lunchroom on both of the buildings. The buildings are next to eachother. In front 2 women are sitting and a person is standing in front of the store with a bike

Review: De Drie Graefjes (Rokin) American Bakery Amsterdam

Over 20 years already De Drie Graefjes in Amsterdam, the Netherlands has delighted us with delicious cakes. They’re a lunchroom and American bakery in one. This isn’t the first review of a good bakery on the blog. Another perfect cake place in Amsterdam is Café Winkel 43. Utrecht also has some perfect patisseries, such as Hop & Stork and Bond en Smolders.

Delicious cakes on offer at De Drie Graefjes
Delicious cakes on offer at De Drie Graefjes

De Drie Graefjes Rokin

The bakery has 4 different stores in Amsterdam, two of them are next to each other on the Rokin. One is the bakery, which is the store where you can get your orders and take-away. The other one is the lunchroom where you can sit down. There’s a small terrace outside on the sidewalk. There are a few tables downstairs and more upstairs.

Me sitting on the terrace with cake and chai latte. People walking behind me.
Me sitting on the terrace with cake and chai latte

We’ve been to De Drie Graefjes – American bakery several times and I once had take away cakes from them. We sat outside a few times and inside, downstairs as well as upstairs.

Red velvet cake, served on a white plate with a fork standing in it. With a coffee behind it.
Red velvet cake

All the times we’ve been there it was busy or relatively busy. We were never the only ones and sometimes had to wait shortly for a place on the terrace. We’ve visited the bakery both on weekdays as well as on the weekend.

Lemon meringue pie, served on a white plate with a fork on the side. Next to it a mint tea.
Lemon meringue pie

It’s an American bakery, that’s the style in which they bake their cakes and cupcakes.

What to Order

We sat down here many times already over the last 2.5 years and tried out several of their delicious cakes. We love them all, from the triple layer chocolate cake to the New York cheesecake, the red velvet cake and the lemon meringue pie. The portions were huge.

Rainbow cake, a large slice on a white plate, with a fork standing in it
Rainbow cake

The bakery on Rokin is open daily from 8.30am till 6pm, and the lunchroom is open daily from 9am till 6pm.

Chocolate layer cake, served on a white plate with a fork standing in it. A bottle of chocolate milk standing next to it
Chocolate layer cake

On The De Drie Graefjes menu you’ll find the above mentioned cakes, but also Dutch apple pie, vegan banana bread or a devil’s food cupcake.

Chai latte, seen from the side, with a large foam milk layer. A glass standing on a small white plate with a spoon and cookie on the side
Chai latte

But it’s not just cakes on the menu, they also have a delicious chai latte, lots of different coffees and teas. Further they serve an all-day breakfast with things on it such as American pancakes and a croque madame. Other items on the lunch menu are chicken melt toast, club pollo, a vegan burger and a caprese salad.

What Else

De Drie Graefjes also serves a high tea, which looks absolutely delicious. You have to make a reservation for the high tea. They also have the high tea to go.

Some of the cakes on offer
Some of the cakes on offer

The bakery also has a webshop at which you can order their delicious cakes or a lunch to go. You can either get your order at the Rokin bakery or have it delivered at home. You can also walk in at the bakery and see what they have available for take away. De Drie Graefjes has custom cakes, you have to order these 2 weeks in advance.

Hummingbird cake, two chai lattes and rainbow cake, seen from above
Hummingbird cake, two chai lattes and rainbow cake

De Drie Graefjes has Delicious Cakes

Enjoy their American cakes, they’re delicious!

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