Chicken satay, served on a blue and white plate, 3 sticks of satay, with kroepoek, vegetables and seroendeng.

Week 52 2023 in Food Photos

Week 52 2023 was the last week of 2023, no weeks half in 2023 and half in 2024. It was also the week with Christmas and New Year’s Eve in it.

Week 52 2023


Christmas brunch, lots of plates with food placed on a table with a white table cloth. Plates and napkins on the table
Christmas brunch
A stack of pancakes, with the word love on top on 'fire'

It was Christmas day, and we had brunch at my parents-in-law. My father-in-law has his Birthday on the 25th. We then drove to Paul’s sister in Germany, a 4-hour drive. My sister-in-law baked a stack of pancakes for dinner. Paul and I celebrated 25 years together, so I bought a love sign.


Build your own burger, seen from above the table. Buns in two bowls, burgers and lots of condiments on the table. Plates with cutlery placed on the table
Build your own burger

Second day of Christmas we had a late breakfast with delicious buns and bread. Then we just talked all day, catching up. The kids played together. My parents-in-law arrived late in the afternoon, then we celebrated Christmas together with presents and hamburgers for dinner.


Rosti box, a white box with rosti, mushroom sauce, and spring onion sprinkled on top
Rosti box
Curry wurst with fries, all on separate plates, a bottle of cola next to it, and a mayonaise tube. All on a plate with napkins
Curry wurst with fries
Schnitzel with mushroom sauce, on a blue and white plate. With a bit of salad and a slice of lemon on the side.
Schnitzel with mushroom sauce
Chicken satay, served on a blue and white plate, 3 sticks of satay, with kroepoek, vegetables and seroendeng.
Chicken satay
Nasi, in a blue and white bowl like plate, with chciken satay, kroepoek and vegetable on the side and meats.

At the end of the morning we drove home again after having breakfast together. On the way home we had lunch and dinner at roadside restaurants. Lunch was a rösti box (sort of hash browns) for Yuri and me, and a curry wurst mit pommes (sausage with fries) for Paul. We had dinner at Hajé Nunspeet. Yuri had a schnitzel with fries, I had the nasi plate (fried rice) and Paul the chicken satay.


Mushroom ragout, in puff pastry cups in star and tree shape, served on a white plate
Mushroom ragout

Yuri still had school break, but Paul went to the office again. We had mushroom ragout with puff pastry cups. Always delicious and good comfort food.


Crab dip sauce with tortilla chips. The tortilla chips in a white bowl with dolphins on the rim. The crab dip sauce divided over 2 blue bowls
Crab dip sauce with tortilla chips
Sweet potato burger with jalapeno sauce, served on a small white plate with a green rim.
Sweet potato burger with jalapeno sauce
Grip 'n dip with dips, served on a small white plate
Grip ‘n dip with dips

As lunch I had crab dip sauce with tortilla chips. It was delicious. Dinner consisted of two separate dishes, a sweet potato burger with jalapeno sauce, grip ‘n dip with 3 dips. Both from Aviko, one from a new cookbook and the other from the Aviko magazine. Grip ‘n dip are fries with a sort of ditch in them, which makes it that you can scoop dip with the fries. I made the cake bottom for a boerenjongenstaart. 


Oliebollen and apple beignets, placed on serving plates on 2 tables
Oliebollen and apple beignets
McDonald's dinner, seen from above and on a serving tray together
McDonald’s dinner

We went to my parents-in-law to do our yearly tradition of preparing oliebollen. Paul, his father and Yuri fry the oliebollen in oil. Paul’s mother prepares the batter and I peel and decore the apples. Afterwards we went to McDonald’s on our way home.


Boerenjongenstaart, seen from the side and above and on a white serving plate with a dark rim

I finished the boerenjongenstaart and then we drove to Uden. My mom’s Birthday is on the last day of the year. So we stayed there until the early evening and had lunch and dinner together. Then we went to Fletcher Hotel De Vrije Teugel in Uden to celebrate New Year’s Eve, which we did with the 3 of us.

So that was our week 52 2023, the last week of the year 2023.  

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