Cafe Winkel 43, seen from the front, the entrance

Review: Café Winkel 43, The Best Apple Pie

Café Winkel 43 is a famous restaurant in Amsterdam. The restaurant is in the middle of the Jordaan neighborhood, the Jewish quarter. The Noorder church is across from the shop. The review of café winkel 43 Amsterdam isn’t the first review on the blog. I’ve reviewed Het Oude Tolhuys, Aphrodite Gyros & More and Hop & Stork before.

Winkel 43 Amsterdam

Winkel 43 from the outside, both terraces  visible
The restaurant from the outside

Winkel café Amsterdam has a nice terrace on two sides. On the front it’s tow seating places on both side of the entrance. This is on the Noordermarkt side. On the Westerstraat side is a larger terrace with several tables, chairs and benches.

I’ve been here twice, once sitting inside at the bar, the second time outside on the terrace. The waiting staff is friendly.

Inside you can sit at the bar and there are tables. It’s not a large café.

Sitting at the bar, Cosette and Yuri with apple pie in front of them
Sitting at the bar

Both times we visited it was crowded. People were sitting outside on the terrace, despite it being cold since it was February. Our first visit was on a Saturday morning, the second time a Wednesday morning. It didn’t matter, the place was popular.

It was founded in 1983, and is situated in a beautiful old building on a corner.

What to Order

The number one reason everyone goes here is because of the famous appeltaart (the Dutch word for apple pie). The apple pie is simply delicious. I ordered it both times. You get a large piece of pie and it’s indeed the best apple pie I’ve had so far. If you want you can get it with a large serving of whipped cream.

Apple pie with whipped cream
Apple pie with whipped cream
Apple pie, a large piece on a white plate with a spoon on the side
Apple pie

However there’s more on Winkel 43 menu besides apple pie. They also serve breakfast, lunch, bites and dinner. On the breakfast menu there’s a club sandwich, grilled cheese sandwich or yogurt. On the lunch menu are choices such as mushroom soup, a fruitshake and an uitsmijter. The dinner menu has options such as pomodori soup, aragula stamppot and ribeye. There are vegan and vegetarian options on each menu. On the bites menu there are of course bitterballen and vlammetjes, but also olives and veggie chips.

The lunch menu changes monthly and the dinner menu daily.

What Else

Apple pie!, on a table outside with tea and cappucino
Apple pie!

You can also order take out and bring the apple pie home with you.

You can’t make reservations for a spot. If you want to take with you a whole apple pie, you’ll have to call or mail ahead.

Winkel 43 Has The Best Apple Pie

The apple pie is so delicious I’ve already visited twice this year, and there will be many more visits in the future. This blog is the most popular blog of 2022!

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