Spinach - Arugula Stamppot served on a white plate

Week 6 2021 in Food Photos

Well a really late update for week 6 2021, but will try to come up to speed again. We started this week with snow, left over from the snowstorm at the end of week 5, and ended the week with Valentine’s Day. Starting with Greek take out and ending with a 4-course meal from De Beren.

Week 6 2021


Gyros plate: Gyros, fries, pita bread on a white plate
Gyros plate

We ordered Greek take out from Aphrodite Gyros & More. A small, Greek diner in Lunetten. There was still snow, so I had to dig out our car for Paul. He had an appointment in the afternoon.


Risotto with Lettuce, Endive, Bacon and Gorgonzola served in a deep white plate
Risotto with Lettuce, Endive, Bacon and Gorgonzola

Made risotto with lettuce, endive, bacon and gorgonzola. On picture it doesn’t look that appealing, but it was delicious.


Snowy Lunetten, a lightly frozen creek, with snow covered banks on the side
Snowy Lunetten

We had leftovers for dinner. I forgot to take a photo. Nature was still covered with snow, so I enjoyed a walk in the snow.


Spinach - Arugula Stamppot served on a white plate
Spinach – Arugula Stamppot

Made us a Spinach and Arugula stamppot. True comfort food and perfect for cold days.


Leek Pie, just out of the oven, still in the mold on a cooling rack
Leek Pie

On Friday I made a leek pie for us, which we absolutely loved. Simple to prep, but with veggies and delicious.


McDonald's Breakfast, a croissant and a burger in paper wrap  on a white plate and a tea on the side
McDonald’s Breakfast
Steak Diana Burger served on a white plate
Steak Diana Burger

Paul got us a McDonald’s breakfast in the morning. For dinner I made a Steak Diana burger, from the “Heerlijke Hamburgers” cookbook.


Vroeg Breakfast presentend on a wlong wooden board
Vroeg Breakfast
First course from De Beren, presented on 3 white plates
First course from De Beren
Second Course presented on 2 plates and one soup bowl
Second Course
Third course presented on 3 plates
Third course
Fourth course: dessert, presented in their own baking tray
Fourth course: dessert

Valentine’s Day. We enjoyed a breakfast from Vroeg, which was my present for Paul. In the evening we had a 4-course meal from restaurant De Beren. Paul’s gift for me. All of it was delicious and we ate from it with the 3 of us.

Posted no new blogs in this week. But if you’re looking for a stamppot recipe, check out this Red Beets Endive Stamppot.

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