The vegetarian main dish, served on a round black plate

Week 47 2022 in Food Photos

Week 47 2022 was special since my sister got married and it was Paul and mine’s wedding anniversary.

Week 47 2022


Endive stamppot, served on a white plate, with 1 1/3 vegetarian satay schnitzel on the side and a fork and knife
Endive stamppot

We had endive stamppot with a vegetarian satay schnitzel. During the day there was some sunshine, despite it being cold.


Spaghetti carbonara, served on a white plate
Spaghetti carbonara

Yuri prepared dinner and he made us spaghetti carbonara. It was delicious.


Mexican seasoning, in a dark blue bowl, with a spoon in it
Mexican seasoning
Mexican cheese fingers with tomato salsa, served on a white plate, with small potatoes and carrots on the side
Mexican cheese fingers with tomato salsa

I made Mexican seasoning mix from the website Lekker en Simpel. It was needed for dinner. Dinner was namely Mexican cheese fingers with tomato salsa from the cookbook Van Piepers tot Pasta from Blue Band. I served it with small potatoes and carrots.


Gourmetten, 3 small pans on the larger black plate with meat in them

We celebrated Sinterklaas early together with a friend. We did gourmetten (sort of raclette) and there was a chocolate letter for everyone.


Trio of meat, on an oval black plate
Trio of meat
The fish main plate
The fish main plate
The vegetarian main dish, served on a round black plate
The vegetarian main dish
The dessert, on a two tier round serving tray
The dessert
Chai latte, in a glass on a small serving plate with a bag of sugar on the side
Chai latte
Our hotel room
Our hotel room

My sister got married on this day! She had a beautiful wedding dress, the groom looked good too and so did their 2 daughters. It was a joyous day. The wedding ceremony was in the afternoon in Uden. Afterwards we had dinner at Smullen in Boekel. It started with kroepoek and satay sauce. Then we could choose between a trio of fish or a trio of meat. Yuri, Paul and I had the trio of meat. It was delicious. As a main you could choose between fish, meat or vega. Paul had the fish, I had vega and Yuri had the meat. The dessert was cheesecake with fairy floss, chocolate cake, chocolate sauce, passion fruit and macarons. We stayed in Uden the whole weekend and checked in at Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant De Teugel Uden-Veghel.


Cosette's breakfast, on a serving tray
Cosette’s breakfast
Club sandwich, served on a white plate, with taco chips on the side. Whole wheat bread
Club sandwich
Uitsmijter, served on a white plate, with a salad on the side
Ribs & Wings, served on a wooden board, with a basket with fries on the side and a bowl with vegetables on the side
Ribs & Wings
Hemelse modder, served on a white plate
Hemelse modder
Cheese plate, served on a wooden board
Cheese plate
Stroopwafel latte macchiato, in a tall glass
Stroopwafel latte macchiato
Chai latte, served in a tall glass, with a cookie, bag of sugar and large spoon on the side
Chai latte

Our 18th Wedding anniversary! We started the day with the breakfast buffet at the hotel. Then we had a lazy day at the hotel, with reading, watching some Netflix and gaming for Yuri. In the afternoon we had lunch at the restaurant of the hotel. I had a club sandwich and Paul a uitsmijter. We did some reading in the afternoon and shared a Limencello Spritz. We also had dinner at the hotel. Paul and Yuri had the ribs & wings, while I had a mushroom pie. Yuri and I had hemelse modder (heavenly mud) as a dessert and Paul a cheese plate. After dinner I had a chai latte and Paul a stroopwafel latte macchiato.


Our McDonald's breakfast, seen from above
Our McDonald’s breakfast
Sliders and creamy onion soup, served on a square white plate
Sliders and creamy onion soup
Creamy onion soup and sliders, served on a square white plate
Creamy onion soup and sliders
Sliders, served on a square white plate
Caramel latte, in a tall glass, with a cookie on the side
Caramel latte
Baileys coffee, in a glass on a foot with a spoon and cookie on the side
Baileys coffee
Hot choc with marshmallows, in a light pinkmug
Hot choc with marshmallows
Tea Advent calendar, in a box
Tea Advent calendar
The tea Advent calendar, laid out on the bed
The tea Advent calendar

Yuri and I went to the McDonald’s and got our breakfast there. We checked out at the beginning of the afternoon and dropped off some of our stuff at my parents. Yuri decided to have lunch with his grandparents. Paul and I had lunch with a friend in Uden. Our lunch was at Brasserie De Baron. We all had sliders and Paul and our friend also had creamy onion soup. We then had a warm drink, I had a hot choc with marshmallows, Paul a caramel latte and our friend a Baileys coffee. Then they both had a ginger tea and I an ice tea. I gave a homemade tea advent calendar to my friend. She loves tea.

Tea Advent calendar in a box, decorated box, as seen from above
Tea Advent calendar in a box

At the end of the afternoon we had dinner at my parents with mushroom soup and buns with knakworstjes (Frankfurters). In the evening I finished the tea advents calendar for my sister-in-law and mother-in-law.

So that was a week with a wedding and a wedding anniversary.

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