Woods35, seen from the outside. A terrace in front of it. In the woods

Review: Woods35, a Restaurant Hidden in the Woods

Hidden in the woods on the Noodweg in Hilversum is this cute restaurant Woods35. They sell hamburgers and more and have a fabulous terrace. Other perfect places to have something to eat I’ve reviewed on the blog are Het Oude Tolhuys, Bakkerij de Tureluur and Café Winkel 43.


The restaurant has a terrace in front. It’s divided in two parts, a concrete part with tables with chairs and some couches. To the left is a terrace with picnic tables and bean bags with light strings and a cover above it.

We’ve been to the restaurant twice, both times the weather was good, so we sat outside.

Woods35, seen from the outside. A terrace in front of it. In the woods

Inside there’s room to sit down at tables with chairs or the bar.

The restaurant is situated at the border of the Hoorneboegse heather. Dogs, horses and kids are all welcome. The dog of the owner is usually present, inside the restaurant or on the terrace.

Both times on our visits it wasn’t super crowded, but there were other people sitting down and having a bite. We visited once on a Saturday afternoon and a second time on a weekday in the evening.

What to Order

Bread with dips, presented on a wooden board. The dips in earthen ware pots with a small spoon in them
Bread with dips
Spareribs, served on a see through glass plate. With 3 cups with sauces, salad and fries on the side
Hamburger, served on a wooden board. A cup with salad, next to it a cup with myonnaise, a basket with fries and then the burger

The first time we sat down here, we had bread with dips and something to drink. The second time we had dinner here. Paul had the spareribs and I had a Woods classic burger. We loved all the dishes we had.

Right now they’re only open from 5pm for dinner and bites. But when the weather is warmer again, they’ll probably be open for lunch again.

On the menu you’ll find dishes such as French onion soup, carpaccio and a gamba’s salad, but also a vega burger, fish & chips and a prosiutto el tartuffi pizza.

What Else

They organize activities on a regular basis, such as horse rides, picnic’s and craft afternoons.

You can also organize your party or a business event here.

Through their website you can make reservations.

They have their own small parking lot. On the right of the restaurant and in front there’s space to park your car.

Woods35 is Ideally Situated

Sit down here for a burger or a bite and enjoy the ambience.   

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