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The Most Popular Blogs in 2021 on Cosette is Cookin’

2021 was the first year I blogged full time on the Cosette is Cookin’ website. So which were the most popular blogs 2021 on the site? I’ve been blogging for years on the Facebook page of Cosette is Cookin’, but started a website in November of 2020. So that makes 2021 the first year I can make a list of best blogs of 2021. But also a list of least read blogs. Without further ado here are the best food blogs of 2021.

Most Popular Blogs 2021

The most popular last year was Traditional Recipes from Around the World, which is a collaboration post I published in May. Together with lots of other bloggers I compiled a list of traditional recipes from all around the world.

Red Beets Endivie Stamppot, , a pan filled with stamppot with dressing over it
Red Beets Endivie Stamppot

The second most read blog in 2021 was the first published blog last year in January. Namely the Red Beets Endivie Stamppot, a review of a traditional Dutch dish with a twist.

Spinach Pie
Spinach Pie

Third place is for the Spinach Pie, a recipe I made for Easter and which we loved. Easy to prepare and simply delicious. I published this one in March. Number four and five on this list are also from March. Fourth is Traditional Dutch Food: Split Pea Soup or erwtensoep a blog in which I explain all about this delicious traditional dish. Fifth is a review from a Hawaiian Pizza. A pizza which people either love or hate.  

Least Visited Blogs 2021

Which blogs attracted the least visitors last year? All those 5 blogs were published in December of 2021. So this can explain why they were not that popular (yet). The blogs are part of the weekly series of food photos. It’s week 16 2021, week 10 2021, week 18 2021, week 17 2021 and week 14 2021.

So That‘s a Wrap

And that’s it, I hope you’ve enjoyed these blogs just as much as others did last year! Curious which blogs are the most popular in 2023? Read it here.

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