Main course at Carlton Beach Hotel Scheveningen

Week 14 2021 in Food Photos

We started week 14 of 2021 still celebrating Easter. In the Netherlands we have a Second Easter Day. So we celebrated some more with delicious food. We ended the week at a hotel in Scheveningen. The weather was a bit of both this week. Rain and some sun.  

Week 14 2021


Blackberry Mascarpone Tart
Blackberry Mascarpone Tart
Pancake rolls with salmon
Pancake rolls with salmon
Second Easter Day Breakfast Table, wit Yuri sitting at the table
Second Easter Day Breakfast Table
Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Salami and Truffle
Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Salami and Truffle
Meatloaf Puff Pastry, a piece of it served on a white plate with two large baked mushrooms beside it on the plate
Meatloaf Puff Pastry

For breakfast I prepared a Blackberry Mascarpone Tart and Pancake Rolls with Salmon. So we had a delicious Second Easter Day Breakfast Table. For lunch Paul made us a grilled cheese sandwich with salami and truffle. And for dinner he prepared a meatloaf with puff pastry. So all really delicious food.


Vegan Sweet Potato Pie, served on a plate
Vegan Sweet Potato Pie

Tuesday was back to work and school again. For dinner we had a Vegan Sweet Potato Pie from the cookbook Ovenbijbel.


On Wednesday we had fries, snacks and a kroket for dinner. We make these ourselves in a deep fryer.


Mustardburger with garlic butter, served with chips on a white plate
Mustardburger with garlic butter

Made us a Mustardburger with garlic butter from the cookbook Heerlijke Hamburgers.


Pulled Chicken Bun
Pulled Chicken Bun
Chinese take out, serve don a blue plate
Chinese take out

For lunch we had a Pulled Chicken Bun from De Huismeesters. For dinner we had Chinese take-out from Asian Tower.


Part of our hotel room, the living room part
Part of our hotel room
De Pier at Scheveningen, with the beach in front of it
De Pier at Scheveningen
Shrimp Cocktail
Shrimp Cocktail
Tomato Soup, in a bowl with saucer, next to it a white plate with 2 slices of white bread
Tomato Soup
Beach Burger, on a plte with a salad and fries on the side
Beach Burger
Spareribs served on a plate with fries, salad, mayonnaise and a tomato slice

On a whim we decided to go to Scheveningen for the night. We stayed at Carlton Beach Hotel Scheveningen. On Saturday there were a lot of rain showers, I did manage to make a long walk on the boulevard. I did get completely soaked. We had a delicious 2-course dinner on our hotel room. Shrimp cocktail and tomato soup as the first course. The beach burger and spareribs as the main course.


Croissant and toasted white bread with ham and cheese in between, served in paper boxes, with a small cup of jam next to it
Croissant and toasted white bread with ham and cheese in between
Pancake in a box, with a cup with syrup and a cup with powdered sugar
Kibbeling with fries and sauces in a plate
Tulip Fields, with on the right red flower
Tulip Fields
Cornetto Cone
Cornetto Cone

We started our day with breakfast from Bigbell at the boulevard. It was a take out breakfast with a croissant, pancake and toasted bread with ham and cheese. We had the late check out than had lunch with kibbeling. We had the kibbeling from Simonis op de boulevard, one of the good restaurants in Scheveningen. In the afternoon we drove The Flower Route and tried out the new Cornetto cone before going home.

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