Breakfast Mug Cake placed on a small white plate

Breakfast Mug Cake

Mug cakes have already fascinated me for a long time, so we finally tried them out from scratch. We liked them and this was a relatively healthy version. The recipe we used is from the cookbook ‘Noten’ from Marjolaine Daguerre. A cookbook full of all sorts of different recipes containing nuts. The Breakfast Mug Cake is a perfect recipe to kick off the ‘Week zonder vlees‘!

Breakfast Mug Cake placed on a small white plate
Breakfast Mug Cake

If you’re looking for a simple, not too much work breakfast. It’s not that heavy, so we ate something else on the side. Making a special breakfast is always fun, so is making cookies. After this breakfast make some Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pistachio Pudding Cookies, Praline Spread or Chocolate Almond & Cranberry Clusters. If you want to make a special, not so healthy breakfast, make these Graveyard Pudding Cups or one of the 100+ Pancake Ideas.


The recipe was easy to follow. I made it with oat flour instead of oat flakes. I used coconut flower sugar as unrefined sugar. We liked it, although it was a bit dry.

Comment below if you’re going to try it out, if you have any questions and tag #cosetteiscookin when you’re sharing pics of it on your socials.

Breakfast Mug Cake

Breakfast Mug Cake placed on a small white plate
Breakfast Mug Cake

Allergies: nuts, egg white, dairy.


1 egg white

30 ml milk

1 tbsp almond paste

1 tsp coconut blossom sugar

1 tsp ground cinnamon

½ tsp dried yeast

a bit of salt

40 grams oat flour

3 dates

15 almonds

Baking spray


Mix the egg white with the milk, almond paste, sugar, cinnamon, yeast and salt in a bowl. Add the oat flour.

Cut the dates and almonds. Mix them through the batter. Spray a cup with the baking spray. Pour the batter in it. Heat for 75 to 120 seconds on 500 watts in the microwave. Place on a plate.


  • Recipe is ‘Noten’ from Marjolaine Daguerre.
  • Enough for 1 person.
  • Baking spray can be swapped for butter and oat flour for oat flakes.
Ingredients layed out on the counter
Dry ingredients mixed in a RVS bowl
Dry ingredients
Nuts and dades added in a RVS bowl
Nuts and dades added
Before going in the microwave, in a small bowl
Before going in the microwave

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