Graveyard Pudding Cups, 6 glass cups on the kitchen counter, seen from above

Graveyard Pudding Cups

On the Halloween themed baking day we had this week, we not only made Mummy Cookies, but also Graveyard Pudding Cups. Yuri and his nieces again had lots of fun making these. We started years ago with baking days, when the kids were still small. I did most of the things then, with help from them. Now they’re 13, 11 and 9 and only need a little help from me. So fantastic to see how much they’ve grown already.

Graveyard Pudding Cups, in 6 glass cups, as seen from the side
Graveyard Pudding Cups

The kids made chocolate mousse themselves for the Halloween graveyard pudding cups. The recipe for the chocolate mousse I will share later on the blog. With crushed Oreo’s (dirt), Bastogne koeken (graves) and sour candy stripes (worms) that’s all the ingredients you’ll need for this recipe. No baking is required. Just time, since the chocolate mousse needs to harden in the fridge. The graveyard pudding cups recipe is from Chelsea’s Messy Apron.

Looking for a Halloween drink? Try this Halloween Sangria. Another Halloween snack on the blog are Horror Fingers. When you want a cake with Oreo’s then this No Bake Oreo Cheesecake is perfect. Another perfect dessert in a cup is the Kruidnoten Tiramisu. Learn all about the Dutch dessert vla, a sort of pudding.


We used homemade chocolate mousse instead of chocolate instant pudding mixed with cool whip. I just love the fluffiness of chocolate mousse. The store was out of clear plastic cups, so I used clear glass cups. The kids used 10 Oreo’s instead of 20. Milano cookies are not easily available in the Netherlands, so I used Bastogne koeken. I used 3 instead of 6, just broke the cookies in half. They didn’t have gummy worm candies at the local grocery store, so I used sour candy stripes. The graveyard dirt pudding cups turned out great and were delicious.

Comment below if you’re going to try it out, if you have any questions and tag #cosetteiscookin when you post pictures on your socials.

Graveyard Pudding Cups

Graveyard Pudding Cups, as seen from above from the side in 6 glass cups
Graveyard Pudding Cups

Allergies: gluten, wheat, chocolate, dairy, sugar.


6 clear glass cups

1 batch of chocolate mousse

10 Oreo’s

3 Bastogne cookies

Sour candy stripes


Prepare chocolate mousse according to recipe instructions. Divide over 6 glass cups. Place in the fridge for 3 hours.

Place the Oreo’s in a zip lock bag. Close the bag. With a rolling pin smash them until fine crumbs. The kids loved this part. Top the chocolate mousse with the crushed Oreo’s. Do this just before serving, to avoid soggy cookie crumbs.

Break the Bastogne cookies in half. Add them to the cups and a sour candy stripe to each cup.


  • Recipe source is the website Chelsea’s Messy Apron.
  • Enough for 6 persons.
Ingredients placed on the kitchen counter
Making cookie crumbs, Yuri is banging on the bag with Oreo's with a rolling pin
Making cookie crumbs
Adding the dirt to the graveyards, with a small spoon adding Oreo crumbs in a glass on top of the chocolate mousse
Adding the dirt to the cups
Adding the graves to the cups, worms are already in there
Adding the cookies to the cups


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