Charcutterieboard, a round glass plate with crackers on top, next to it cold cut salami, underneath 3 different cheeses

Week 20 2022 in Food Photos

Week 20 2022 did absolutely not go as planned. Both Paul and I got sick with Covid-19. So where last week we had a homecooked meal each day, we now only had 2 days with homecooked meals.

Week 20 2022


During the day I felt more and more sick and both Paul and I were too tired for cooking so we ordered from BurgerMe.


Vanilla vla with chocolate balls in an rvs bowl
Vanilla vla with chocolate balls

At the end of the afternoon I had a fever and was to sick to prepare dinner for us. Paul made fries and snacks for us in the deep-fryer. He also got vanilla vla with chocolate balls at the grocery store. A yummy dessert.


Fries and snacks served on a decorated plate with mayonnaise
Fries and snacks

In the morning I tested positive on Covid-19. Paul practiced with Yuri for his traffic exam in the afternoon. Afterwards his foot hurt so much, that preparing a meal for us wasn’t an option. So we had fries and snacks again.


Pulled chicken bun, on a paper and plastic bag, a whole wheat bun
Pulled chicken bun
Wrap, a green, spinach wrap with parmesan, pine nuts and cold cut meat rolled up in it in a plastic cup
Flammkuchen, beautifully presented on a square white plate
Tenderloin presented on a round white plate with green beans and sauce
Affagato, presented in a see through glass
Creamy bacon pizza, in the box from the pizzeria
Creamy bacon pizza

Paul went and got us pulled chicken buns and wraps from Huismeesters for lunch. In the evening Paul had a 3-course dinner in Breda with his colleagues. He had flammkuchen, tenderloin and an affogato. Yuri and I ordered pizza at Dominos. Yuri had the meatlover’s pizza and I a creamy bacon pizza.


Yuri had his traffic exam in the morning. They drive a fixed route on bike. We’ll get to hear later on if he has passed.

Kolak pisang, served in a soup bowl
Kolak pisang
Weeknight Pad Thai, served on a blue plate
Weeknight Pad Thai

For lunch Paul prepared kolak pisang, a sweet soup, from the cookbook Indisch bakboek. Dinner was Weeknight Pad Thai from Bon Appetit! In the evening Paul had a sore throat.  


Farmer's vanilla vla, in a glass bottle with a flessenlikker in it, next to it a bowl with vla
Farmer’s vanilla vla
Charcutterieboard, a round glass plate with crackers on top, next to it cold cut salami, underneath 3 different cheeses
Sushi, in a large round black serving tray, next to it a small square black serving plate

Paul felt fine again in the morning. He went to Landwinkel Nieuw Slagmaat and got us some new farmer’s vanilla vla. He also bought cheese and cold meat for a charcutterieboard. In the afternoon Paul started to feel sick again, so making dinner wasn’t an option for him. We ordered sushi from Mr. Sushi Express.


Caramelised onions, in a frying pan, just done
Caramelised onions
Patty melt, served on a white plate, two slices of toasted white bread with a burger with melted cheese in between
Patty melt

Paul was sick all day. I luckily felt a lot better again. Yuri prepared caramelized onions and a patty melt from the cookbook Hamburgers for dinner.

So a week with way too much take out and deep-fried meals, but I was just too sick to cook.

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