Chocolate Cake, served on a blue serving plate

Testing: Best Chocolate Cake Recipe

When I bake and cook I like to try out different recipes. Sometimes recipes don’t differentiate that much, other times you’ll come across the best chocolate cake recipe. I’ve tested different mayonnaise recipes and The Best Pizza Dough for Homemade Pizza, now I want to write about testing chocolate cake recipes. I’ll discuss the tasty recipes of chocolate cake I’ve prepared over the years and which has become my go-to recipe.

What Makes A Good Chocolate Cake

The best tasting chocolate cake is not too moist, but definitely not dry. It has a rich chocolate flavor and chocolate chunks in it. With ganache or frosting added it’s perfect, but the cake has to have flavor without frosting or ganache.

I simply love chocolate and not only in chocolate cake. Here are some other recipes with chocolate in it: Banoffee Chocolate Tartlets and Graveyard Pudding Cups.

Second Best Tasting Chocolate Cake Recipe

Chocolate sandwich cake, heart shaped on a serving plate with frosting
Chocolate cake with fudge frosting

The first chocolate cake recipe of the five I baked is the best chocolate cake with fudge frosting from Betty Crocker. This is a delicious cake, but without the frosting the cake is a bit boring. For this cake I used flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, baking powder, butter, water, buttermilk, vanilla, dark chocolate and eggs for the batter. I made the fudge frosting from sugar, butter, dark chocolate, milk, salt and vanilla.

Standard Recipes

Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake

From the 5 recipes I’m discussing, 3 were standard. The cakes were delicious, but not special. I tried the recipe from Koopmans. For the cake batter I used cake flour, butter, white castor sugar, eggs, milk, cocoa powder, sugar, water and chocolate. It was a delicious cake with chocolate chunks in it. Just not with the wow-effect.

Easiest chocolate cake, a round cake served on a white plate
Easiest chocolate cake

Then there’s the Easiest Chocolate Cake from Zoetrecepten. Just two ingredients and indeed simple to prepare. Eggs and dark chocolate, that’s it. It’s a gluten free cake. Yuri loved this one, but then again he loves chocolate, just like I do.

Chocolate sandwich cake, still in the baking tin
Chocolate sandwich cake

I also made a Chocolate Sandwich Cake from the cookbook Feestelijke Kindertaarten from Sara Lewis. The batter for this cake contains margarine, castor sugar, selfraising flour, baking powder, eggs and cocoa powder. Again delicious, but didn’t give the wow-effect.

Best Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever

Chocolate cake, two small ones on two plates
Chocolate cake
Chocolate Cake, served on a blue serving plate
Chocolate Cake

My favorite chocolate cake so far is the one from Rutger Bakt. I’ve made this one several times, in different shapes and sizes. Needed sugar, butter, salt, eggs, flour, baking powder, cocoa powder, milk and dark chocolate for the batter. It’s not dry, not to moist either and with chocolate chunks in it. It has the wow-effect. I’ve prepared it the last time in December, when I needed chocolate cake. It’s my go-to recipe when I need a chocolate cake recipe that’s fail prove.

So that’s 4 recipes that are delicious and one that’s the best ever!

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