Sushi, in a large round black serving tray, next to it a small square black serving plate

Review: Mr Sushi Express Utrecht

To get sushi near me, we always order it from Mr Sushi Express. We love their sushi and have ordered many times at this restaurant already. Other restaurant reviews on the blog are Café Winkel 43, Hop & Stork, Aphrodite Gyros & More and others.

Mr Sushi Express

We’ve always ordered delivery from them, but they have a place to sit down at on the Twijnstraat in Utrecht. It’s part of a chain with stores in Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Utrecht. This review is only about ordering from the Utrecht store.

What to Order

Sushi! most of it served in a large round serving plate. One kind in a rectangle plate

They sell sushi! Which I simply love. They have different sorts of sushi, such as nigiri, handrolls, sashimi and maki’s. You can also order complete sushi menu’s or yakitori. We love the flavor of their sushi and it looks beautiful. We used to order the Sushi For You box, but since Yuri has fallen in love with sushi, we’ve switched to ordering the Sushi De Luxe box. With some Tempura Ebi rolls extra. We love the California and tempura ebi rolls the most.

Sushi served on a blue plate

Next to lots of different sorts of delicious sushi, they also have snacks on the Mr Sushi menu, such as Dim sun or gyoza. You can order boxes with different kinds of sushi, small boxes with only one kind of sushi or just one of a roll.

That’s All on Mr Sushi Express

When you’re in Utrecht order your sushi at this place!

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