Mayonnaise in a white bowl

Testing different mayonnaises

A few days back I wrote about testing different cookies that are for sale, but this isn’t the only product I’ve tested several different recipes for over the years. For example I’ve tried different mayonnaises over the last 5 years. I’ll discuss them all and give my absolute favorite mayonnaise recipe.


First, what actually is mayonnaise? It’s a white colored sauce that’s served cold, sometimes it can be a bit yellowish. The base ingredients are oil and egg yolk(s), to which vinegar or lemon juice can be added, and mustard or other flavor enhancers. The egg yolk serves as an emulsifier in the oil.

Mayonnaise is a popular sauce in the Netherlands. It’s usually eaten with fries (like crinkle cut fries), snacks like the kroket, potatoes or mixed in a dressing or sauce. It’s also good with a Veggie Burger Omelet.

Failing recipes

My first 2 attempts at making homemade mayonnaise failed. Both times it didn’t become a beautiful, thick sauce but curdled. Turns out I had to have all the ingredients at room temperature. Beginners mistake, oops! So make sure that all your ingredients for the mayonnaise are at room temperature.

The first recipe I tried was ‘de allerlekkerste mayonaise’ ( the best mayonnaise) from the cookbook ‘Snufje zout & snufje geluk’. It failed the first time since I didn’t have the mustard and lemon juice at room temperature. But when I tried it again with everything at room temperature it still failed. It looks like the measurements aren’t correct.

Failed mayonnaise, still very liquid in a white bowl
Failed mayonnaise

My second attempt at making mayonnaise failed again. This time I tried the recipe from the cookbook ‘Sausjes en dressings’ from Anne Wilson. When I made mayonnaise a second time, all went well. For this mayonnaise I used mustard, 2 egg yolks, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and ground white pepper. I made the mayonnaise in the food processor. We liked this mayonnaise, although it’s nothing special.

In 2 separate Delicious magazines from 2019 was a recipe to make mayonnaise with a hand blender. This didn’t work both times, haven’t figured out why yet. But there was a workaround in one of the magazines. Start over and add the failed mayonnaise bit by bit. One recipe was with egg yolks, lemon juice, mustard and sun flower oil. The other one was with an egg yolk, mustard, peanut oil and white wine vinegar.

Recipes gone well

A recipe from Allerhande magazine was the first recipe that went right the first attempt. The ingredients for this mayonnaise are an egg yolk, a bit of salt, a little bit of mustard, lemon juice and peanut oil. I mixed it with a whisk. We liked the mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise in a white bowl

A recipe from Jamie Oliver was also good. For this I used 2 large egg yolks, mustard, white wine vinegar, sea salt, sun flower oil, traditional olive oil and mild olive oil. Mixed this by hand with a whisk.

Another delicious mayonnaise recipe is from the cookbook ‘Jouw Kookweek receptenboekje’ from Aviko. Made this mayonnaise with the mixer. In it went 3 egg yolks, mustard, white wine vinegar, worcestersauce, lemon juice, salt, pepper and sun flower oil.

Alternative mayonnaises

I’ve also tested alternative mayonnaises, 3 without mustard and one without eggs.

From the website ‘mayonaise-maken’I made a recipe with a whisk with 2 egg yolks, lemon juice, a bit of salt, olive oil and white ground pepper.

From the same website I tried another recipe without mustard. This one was with 3 egg yolks, sun flower oil, sea salt, ground white pepper and vinegar. Made by hand with a whisk. Both these mayonnaises tasted good.

Mayonnaise in a glass jar without a lid

I also made a paleo mayonnaise with an egg, lemon juice, apple vinegar, salt and mild olive oil. This one was made by hand blender and we loved it. The recipe is from the website ‘eetpaleo’.

I’ve also made vegan mayonnaise, a recipe from the cookbook ‘Zoete aardappel’ from Colette Dike. The ingredients for this mayonnaise are aquafaba, sun flower oil, mustard, vinegar, pepper and salt. We loved it.

Favorite Mayonnaise recipe

Ingredients mayonnaise before blending
Ingredients mayonnaise before blending
Mayonnaise in a glass jar with the lid on

Our favorite mayonnaise recipe is from a Belgian YouTube channel called Sixpacks. Belgian Mayo in 1 minute. It’s fast and I’ve made it numerous times and it never failed me. It’s made with an egg, vinegar, salt, pepper, mustard and peanut oil. We love this mayonnaise recipe, the flavor is perfect. Next to that it’s easy to make and quickly done by hand blender.

So that’s the end of our different mayonnaises comparison, with a lot of great recipes for mayonnaise out there. I’ve also compared kruidnoten recipes on the blog.

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