Some of the delicious pastries on display

Review: Bakkerij de Tureluur, a Fantastic Bakery

Bakkerij de Tureluur is located in Oosterwold, in a residential area still under construction. An excellent bakery which has the most delicious bread and croissants. The store is located on the Tureluurdwarsstraat in Almere. Almere Oosterwold is the area in between Almere and Zeewolde. It’s an agrarian area, where people are allowed to draw up their own houses.

Bakkerij de Tureluur, seen from outside, from the side. A grass field on the side, in front parking spaces
Bakkerij de Tureluur

This isn’t the only pastry shop review on the blog, see the ones on Bond en Smolders, Café Winkel 43, De Drie Graefjes and Hop & Stork.

Bakkerij de Tureluur

The small shop is located in an area where people are allowed to design and build their own houses. Residents have to use 50% of their land for production of food. Owners and bakers are Sandra Ansmink and Ezra Dopico Peña, mother and son. They started the bakery back in 2019. It’s an organic dynamic bakery and every product they sell is made from scratch. Each product they have in store is fresh and they use as much ingredients as possible from their own garden or from the Oosterwold area.

Next to the bakery, a small sitting area, grass field with a few picnic benches and small trees
Next to the bakery, a small sitting area

We discovered this hidden gem when driving the Tulip Route Flevoland. We visited the bakery a second time a few months later. They have a few tables inside and some picnic benches outside on a grass field. You can pick it up and eat at home or in your car.

The seating area inside, wooden tables with green and brown chairs
The seating area inside

The bakery is only open on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The other days mother and son are busy building their homes on the same plot of land.

What to Order

Croissants, 3 regular ones and one with ham and cheese inside, divided over 3 plates

Everything they sell is made from scratch in their own bakery. They sell bread, pastries and croissants. On the menu are items such as a spelt wit brood (spelt bread), tarwe volkoren brood (whole wheat bread), a baguette, brioche and a croissant.

Some of the delicious pastries on display
Some of the delicious pastries on display
All the different breads, on a cart, on shelves, clearly visble, behind the counter
All the different breads
A blondie, chocolate chip cookie and butter cake, all on my leg, from top to bottom
A blondie, chocolate chip cookie and butter cake

What Else

On Thursdays you can order pizza! They bake the pizza’s themselves and the toppings and seasoning comes from their own garden. Everything they bake and sell can be ordered online via email. You do have to order a few days in advance.

That’s All About Bakkerij de Tureluur

When in the area, walk in and take home with you some of the delicious bread.

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