Cake display Bond en Smolders, as seen from the front inside the store. Behind a glass/plastic plate

Review: Bond en Smolders, Top Spot in Utrecht

You can find Bond en Smolders in the city center of Utrecht in the Netherlands. A bakery slash pastry shop with really delicious bread and cakes. The shop is located on the Lijnmarkt, close to the Dom tower. Other reviews on the blog are of Café Winkel 43, Hop & Stork, Starbucks Utrecht Centraal and Mr Sushi Express.

Some of the cakes on display in the store, a apple pie, carrot cake, chocolate cake, cheesecake. All round, divided in parts, 6 plateaus
Some of the cakes on display in the store

Bond en Smolders

The shop is located on the corner of Boterstraat and the Lijnmarkt. The shop has a small terrace on the Boterstraat side. Next to the pastry shop on the Lijnmarkt is Deli By Tim, part of Bond en Smolders.

The benches on the Boterstraat side
The benches on the Boterstraat side

We’ve passed by the store numerous times and occasionally sat down here. Inside there are several tables to sit down at.

We wanted to visit more often, but there can be a (long) waiting line outside.

In line outside the store, 3 persons in front of me outside, one in the door way and more inside
In line outside the store

What to Order

The window display with beautiful cakes and other pastries is very welcoming, drawing you inside. We’ve had homemade ice tea and mint tea here. Both delicious. We accompanied the drinks with small cakes; a chocolate croute and an Ivoire (white chocolate blueberry). Both really delicious. We’ve also ordered online and then took it home with us.

Homemade ice tea and mint tea, in see through glasses, seen from above, mint tea is the upper glass
Homemade ice tea and mint tea
Chocolate croute and Ivoire, two small cakes seen fromabove, round and beautiful
Chocolate croute and Ivoire
Take out from Bond en Smolders, 3 cakes in a box, mini sausage rolls in a box next to it, 6 buns in a bag on the right. Below a cinnamon roll, a chocolate roll and a cheese croissant from left to right
Order from Bond en Smolders

They prepare their own bread each day. The bread they make ranges from 6 granen brood (6 grains bread), brioche, campigrane bread and cheese croissants. The pastries are prepared fresh each day. They have a lot of different good looking pastries, such as tompouce, macarons, apple pie and carrot cake. They also have seasonal items such rhubarb cake.

Eclair Romanoff, served on a flowery pink and red plate
Eclair Romanoff
Lemon Meringue cake, served on a Woezel and Pip plate
Lemon Meringue cake
Kwarktaart (Cheesecake) served on a CHristmas kids plate
Kwarktaart (Cheesecake)

They mostly sell sweet products, however they also have an assortment of savory products, such as quiche chicken/curry, cheese crackers and a ragout package. There are cookies for sale such as boterkoek, brownie and Dom tower cookies.

Macarons and small cakes on display
Macarons and small cakes on display

What Else

In the Deli next door you can order sandwiches and grilled cheese sandwiches. They have a brie sandwich, brisket sandwich, salmon sandwich, a Cuban sandwich and more.

You can eat in the tearoom or take it with you. Most of it you can also order online and then pick up at the shop the next day.

The store also makes bridal cakes, you can order them to your liking.

Bond en Smolders Has Such Delicious Pastries

You almost can’t pass this shop and not order something or at least drool in front of the window.

The display you see from the outside
The display you see from the outside

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