Starbucks Utrecht Centraal, from the front. Looking in.

Review: Starbucks Utrecht Centraal

Starbucks is an American chain with stores worldwide. Let’s look at Starbucks Utrecht Centraal, the one on the Hoog Catharijne side. There are two stores on Utrecht CS train station, we’ll be reviewing one of them. Other reviews of restaurants in Utrecht on the blog are of Hop & Stork, Mr Sushi Express and Aphrodite Gyros & More.

Starbucks Utrecht Centraal

The store is located in the stationshal, close to the exit in the direction of Hoog Catharijne, the shopping mall. It has an inside seating area. This store is located behind the train gates. So you have to have a valid train ticket to visit this Starbucks. (The people in the store won’t ask you, but the only way to enter the station is through the train gates.)

I’ve stopped at this store countless times. It’s conveniently located. Usually I take my drink(s) to go and take the train home.

Starbucks Utrecht Centraal, from the front. Looking in.
Starbucks Utrecht Centraal

Starbucks is known for their unique coffee roasting techniques, food and that they offer Wi-Fi to their guests. It’s the largest coffee chain in the world.

The store is open 7 days a week from early in the morning until late in the evening/night.

What to Order

Starbucks sells beverages. From hot to cold drinks. You can order a simple Caffè Americana or a tea. They sell different coffee’s, teas and hot chocolate. There are regular beverages that are available year round, such as the White Chocolate Mocha or a Signature Hot Chocolate. I simply love their Classic Chai Tea Latte.

Chai latte and white mocha, two cups both held by a hand, next to eachother
Chai latte and white mocha

They also have seasonal beverages, such as a Speculaas Latte or a Pumpkin Spice Latte. In the Spring and Summer you can also order iced coffee’s, smoothies and iced teas.

We also love their frappuccino’s, from the Strawberries & Cream Frappuccino to the Double Chocolatey Chip Cream Frappuccino.

What Else

Starbucks also has a large selection of food on offer. Think sandwiches, breakfast, brownies, bananabread, croissants, cakes, bars, muffins, donuts and cookies.

Chocolate Nuts Brownie, on a paper Starbucks bag
Chocolate Nuts Brownie

We simply love the Croissant Roll Bacon & Cheddar, Double Chocolate Muffin and Chocolate Chip Cookie.

You can also buy bags with their coffees to prepare a cup of coffee at home.

Next to this they have their own merchandise, such as mugs, cups and keychains.

That’s All About Starbucks Utrecht Centraal

Not the cheapest beverages and not a local chain, but it’s just a store with delicious drinks and food.  

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