Curry chicken cherry casserole, served on a white plate with flowers and butterflies on it

Week 2 2023 in Food Photos

The second week of the new year, week 2 2023, was a quiet week. The week ended with a tour of the beautiful Amsterdam Light Festival and bringing a pie to my parents.

Week 2 2023


Honey thyme camembert with rosemary kroketten, presented on a white plate. Camembert in the middle surrounded with a double layer of potato kroketten
Honey thyme camembert with rosemary kroketten

Our Monday was filled with work and unpacking from our weekend getaway. Yuri was in luck and still had a day off from school. Dinner was a honey-thyme camembert with rosemary kroketten from Aviko magazine.


Business as usual, with Paul to the office, Yuri at school and me working at home. In the evening Yuri prepared spaghetti carbonara from the cookbook De Complete Pastakeuken.


Tomato soup with orzo, seen from above and a bit sideways. Presented in a soup bowl
Tomato soup with orzo

On Wednesday I prepared a recipe from a new cookbook. Tomato soup with orzo from De Bijbel van de Turkse Keuken (Bible of the Turkish Kitchen).


Chicken rolled roast with mashed potatoes and red cabbage, presented on a pink and purple plate
Chicken rolled roast with mashed potatoes and red cabbage

I made a chicken rolled roast and served it with mashed potatoes and red cabbage. A classic dish and a real comfort food.


Sushi! seen from above. A large black round box with the sushi in it

We ordered sushi in the evening from Mr Sushi Express. Paul and I were both tired and had a craving for sushi.


Speculaas dough, a ball on cling foil
Speculaas dough
Traditional Dutch ginger cookies, presented in a green colored small bowl with a brown rim
Traditional Dutch ginger cookies

I was still busy baking Sinterklaas recipes, so in the morning I prepared Speculaas dough and Traditional Dutch Ginger Cookies. Then I prepared Lambertus pie almost completely. Since we would be going to my parents on Sunday.

Lahmacun with fries, the lahmacun wrapped in alu foil, on a black square plate, with fries on the side
Lahmacun with fries
Wrap with Doner, laying on alu foil
Wrap with Doner

In the afternoon Paul and I went to Amsterdam. We had dinner at The Kebab Show. I had a wrap with Döner. Paul had a lahmacun pizza with Döner and fries. We went to Amsterdam to see the Amsterdam Light Festival. It was beautiful to see the light sculptures and art displays from the water.

One of the art light displays, it's suppose to be projecting fire
One of the art light displays

We had booked tickets to a canal tour to see the lights. There’s also a self-guided walking tours, but we opted to see it by boat. It was a fun tour. The art displays were really beautiful.

Paul with a caramel sundae. Holding the sundae in his hands
Paul with a caramel sundae
Fries with mayonnaise, with a small fork in it. Served in a paper box
Fries with mayonnaise

After, Paul and I went home and Paul had a caramel sundae and I fries with mayonnaise from Smullers at Utrecht Central Station.

Yuri stayed at home and had prepared spaghetti with vegetarian tomato sauce for himself.


Chocolate kruidnoten, served in a deep blue bowl
Chocolate kruidnoten
Lambertus pie, still in the pie mold, seen from above and sideways
Lambertus pie

In the morning I continued with Sinterklaas recipes and prepared chocolate kruidnoten from the cookbook Strooigoed. Then I did the finishing touch of the Lambertus pie.

We went to my parents in the afternoon, delivering the pie. My dad’s birthday was the next week on Wednesday and I always bake a cake for his birthday as a gift. This year he wanted a Lambertus pie.

Curry chicken cherry casserole, served on a white plate with flowers and butterflies on it
Curry chicken cherry casserole

My mom had prepared a curry-chicken-cherry casserole for dinner. She knows Paul loves that casserole.

So that was a week with sushi, homecooked meals, a beautiful festival and lots of baking.

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