Easy Lasagna Recipe in the casserole dish, seen from above

Easy Lasagna Recipe

Yuri prepares dinner for us almost once a week. He picks out the recipes he’s going to prepare. He loves pasta and made this easy lasagna recipe for us. It was delicious. It’s fun to see how much he can do by himself already.

Easy Lasagna, served on a white plate
Easy Lasagna

This is an easy lasagna recipe with ricotta cheese. You don’t have to make bechamel sauce or a tomato sauce that has to cook for hours. The recipe is from the cookbook Het grote kinderkookboek from Karin Luiten. A cookbook with basic recipes for kids. The tomato sauce consists of ground meat, chestnut mushrooms, passata, oregano, salt and pepper. The ricotta cheese is mixed with an egg and pepper and salt. Other layers are the lasagna noodles and grated cheese.

This is the second lasagna recipe on the blog, the first is the Eggplant Pesto Lasagna. Other recipes on the blog that Yuri made are Mac and Cheese and Graveyard Pudding Cups.


Yuri used a bit less passata then stated in the ingredients, that’s it.

Comment below if you’re going to try it out, if you have any questions and tag #cosetteiscookin when you post pictures on your socials.

Easy Lasagna Recipe

Easy Lasagna Recipe in the casserole dish, seen from above
Easy Lasagna

Allergies: gluten, wheat, tomato, dairy, meat, egg.


12 lasagna noodles

400 grams ground meat

500 ml passata

250 grams chestnut mushrooms

200 grams grated matured cheese

250 grams ricotta cheese

1 egg

3 tablespoons olive oil

1 tablespoon dried oregano




Slice the mushrooms.

Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan. Add the ground meat and brown it. Then add the mushrooms and stir fry a few minutes. Pour in the passata and add oregano, pepper and salt. Let it cook for 10 minutes on high.

Add the egg to a bowl. Stir it with a fork. Add the ricotta, pepper and salt. Stir until you have a smooth sauce.

Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil to the bottom of a casserole dish. Water the lasagna noodles under the tap.

Then layer lasagna noodles, tomato sauce, grated cheese, lasagna noodles and so on. End with a layer of lasagna noodles.

Pour the ricotta sauce on top and sprinkle with the remaining grated cheese.

Let it rest for 15 minutes or longer. This way the lasagna noodles can get wet well and the lasagna will bake better.

Bake in a preheated 200°C/392°F oven for 30 minutes.


  • Recipe source is the cookbook Het Grote Kinderkookboek from Karin Luiten.
  • Enough for 4 persons.
Ingredients, placed on the kitchen counter, seen from above
Yuri slicing the mushrooms at the kitchen counter
Yuri slicing the mushrooms
Yuri frying the ground meat, with a wooden spoon he's stirring the meat
Frying the ground meat
Yuri is stirring the mushrooms with a wooden spoon
Yuri is stirring the mushrooms
The sauce almost done in a frying pan, oregano added
The sauce almost done
Layering the lasagna, with already a few layers in a casserole dish
Layering the lasagna
Adding the ricotta sauce
Adding the ricotta sauce
Last layer of grated cheese in a casserole dish
Last layer of grated cheese
Lasagna before baking in a casserole dish
Lasagna before baking
Easy Lasagna Recipe in the casserole dish, seen from above
Easy Lasagna

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