Eyeballs Cupcakes, presented on a white plate. There are 8 of them

Eyeballs Cupcakes

A Halloween treat that’s a bit creepy, but also fun are these Eyeballs Cupcakes. Halloween isn’t something originally celebrated in the Netherlands. Growing up I only knew Halloween from American tv-series and movies. But the last 10 years or so you see more and more events popping up around Halloween. This is also the case with Halloween treats and bakes. So each year Yuri and I bake something for Halloween. A lot of times with the help of his nieces. This year we made several things such as Graveyard Pudding Cups and Mummy Cookies. I also made Halloween Sangria for Paul and me. Next to these things we also made cupcakes with eyeballs.

One eyeball , standing on the kitchen counter, close up of the cupcake, with a red candied cheery
One eyeball

The cupcakes are regular fluffy cupcakes, I will share the recipe later on the blog. The pupils are made from candied cherries and pearls. The eyes are white fondant, and the ‘glue’ is strawberry jam. This makes for a delicious, sweet combination. The recipe is from the cookbook Kindertaarten from Sara Lewis.

Another recipe prepared by Yuri is the Easy Lasagna. Another cupcake recipe on the blog are the Savory Cupcakes.


I’ve made a few changes to the ingredients for the Halloween cupcakes with eyeballs. I swapped strawberry jam for apricot jam. I had an opened jar still in the fridge. The kids mostly used the red candied cherries instead of just the yellow and green ones. We didn’t use back licorice for the pupils, but pearls. Yuri is not a big fan of back licorice and I had the pearls at home. We tried to make veins on the eyes with red paste, but the paste had dried out. So no veins on the eyes for us.

Comment below if you’re going to try it out, if you have any questions and tag #cosetteiscookin when you post pictures on your socials.

Eyeballs Cupcakes

Two Eyeballs, standing on the kitchen counter
Two Eyeballs

Allergies: sugar, strawberries, gluten, wheat, cherries.


12 fluffy cupcakes

4 tablespoons strawberry jam

450 grams white fondant

Powdered sugar

6 candied cherries

12 pearls in different colors


Top the cupcakes with strawberry jam. Knead the fondant and roll it out in powdered sugar with a rolling pin on the kitchen counter.

Cut out 12 pieces of the fondant and place each on a cupcake. Fold it around the cupcake and squeeze it on both sides to resemble an eye.

Slice 6 candied cherries in half and place one on each cupcake in the middle on top. Add a pearl in the middle of the cherry on each cupcake.


  • Recipe source is the cookbook Kindertaarten.
  • Enough for 12 cupcakes.
  • Add veins with red food coloring.
Everything is ready to decorate the cupcakes
Everything is ready to decorate the cupcakes
Topping the cupcakes with strawberry jam
Topping the cupcakes with strawberry jam
Rolling out the fondant, with a rolling pin on the kitchen counter, the cookbook in the upper left corner
Rolling out the fondant
Draping the fondant in the shape of an eye
Draping the fondant in the shape of an eye
Making eyeballs, some cupcakes are only topped with jam, others are already covered in fondant
Making eyeballs
Adding the pupils, with halved cherries  and pearls
Adding the pupils
Adding the candied cherries
Adding the candied cherries
Eyeballs Cupcakes, presented on a white plate. There are 8 of them
Eyeballs Cupcakes


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