Mini Cakes, 12 of them in silicon shapes standing on a round tray

Vanilla Cupcake Comparisons: Which is Best?

When I bake I like to try out different recipes. Not just for different dishes, but even for the same dish. This time I’ll be making vanilla cupcake comparisons. Today I’m comparing two recipes for preparing vanilla cupcakes from scratch. I’ve used both recipes numerous times, so will give my honest opinion. If you wanna look at earlier comparisons, check out the Best Chocolate Cake Recipe, Best Pizza Dough for Homemade Pizza and Testing Different Mayonnaises.

What Makes A Good Vanilla Cupcake

The best tasting vanilla cupcakes are homemade, a bit moist, but not too much. They’re definitely not dry. It can stand on its own without a buttercream or fondant on it.

A good vanilla cupcake is what every baker needs in his repertoire. We’ve used both recipes countless times, we know how to make vanilla cupcakes that everyone will love at your party or gathering.

A good vanilla cupcakes recipe doesn’t have a ton of ingredients, and every ingredient you will have in your pantry. It’s easy and quick to whip up. An impromptu party or a rainy afternoon, a vanilla cupcake recipe is your savior. Which recipe is best at that moment? Let’s find out.

Basic Vanilla Cupcakes

The basic recipe comes from Cupcake Heaven Magazine. I’ve prepared this recipe countless times since 2013 (when I got the magazine). I love it. Yuri has also prepared it several times already. It has 8 ingredients, all regular and which will be in your pantry. The recipe also has a butter cream recipe with 3 ingredients.

Vanilla cupcakes, 24 of them. All still in the silicon shapes standing on the kitchen counter
Vanilla cupcakes

The 8 ingredients are flour, baking powder, fine sugar, salt, unsalted butter, eggs, full fat milk and vanilla aroma. The butter cream needs powdered sugar, vanilla aroma and unsalted butter. The recipe is for 24 cupcakes. The cupcake is delicious, with and without the butter cream. The batter whips up fast and only needs to be 25 minutes in the oven.

Mini Cakes

The recipe is from the cookbook Feestelijke Kindertaarten from Sara Lewis. This recipe I’ve already prepared several times, since I bought the cookbook. It uses only 4 ingredients, which I all have in my pantry. The vanilla flavor is optional, you can also make them lemon, orange or chocolate flavored.

Mini cakes, 12 of them on a blue cake tray
Mini cakes

The ingredients are butter, castor sugar, self-rising flour, eggs and vanilla extract. The recipe is for 12 cupcakes.

Mini cake, one on a small white plate with a blue rim
Mini cake

This cupcake is delicious. The batter whips up quickly. The recipe says 15 minutes oven time was enough, but longer was needed.

Best Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe

Although I love both recipes and also use both of them regularly, I find the one from Cupcake Heaven magazine the best. However the one from the Feestelijke Kindertaarten cookbook is the easiest to prepare. But the other is the most flavorful.

So That Are My Vanilla Cupcake Comparisons

Two good ones, perfect as go-to recipes when you need to bake a vanilla cupcake.

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