Cupcake Heaven magazine, two issues, as seen from above, the cover

Cupcake Heaven Magazine Review: The Most Delicious Cupcakes

The third cookbook review on the site is about Cupcake Heaven magazine. I own two issues: one from the year 2012, and one from 2013. I have the Dutch version, but there are English versions as well. The magazines are full of cupcake recipes, all super delicious! The previous review was on The Quick Roasting Tin.

Data Cupcake Heaven Magazine

Cupcake Heaven, Christmas issue, seen from above, the cover
Cupcake Heaven, Christmas issue

The magazines are a publication from Life Publications B.V. in the Netherlands. The British publisher is Anthem Publishing Ltd. The magazine isn’t published anymore, but when it was still running, 4 issues came out a year. You can still buy the older ones, or see them online. You can find one of the resellers here.


Each issue has a seasonal theme: Mother’s Day, Easter, Halloween or Christmas. Each issue is divided in different sections: Seasonal bakes, Fun & Fancy, Indulgent, Fruit & Nut and Chocolate.

Cupcake Heaven, the Easter issue, seen from above, the cover
Cupcake Heaven, the Easter issue

As an introduction, each magazine contains a foreword and a table of contents with a picture of every cupcake featured. Then 2 pages of news from the cupcakeworld and then a short story on a cupcake shop or bakery.

I own one Christmas issue (2012) and an Easter issue (2013).


Older issues featured 91 cupcake recipes, later issues contained 101 recipes. Each recipe features a photo of the cupcake, ingredients list and instructions. The ingredients list is separated in what’s needed for the cupcakes and the different toppings.

Banana cupcakes, served on a festive large plate topped with frosting and sprinkles
Banana cupcakes

The instructions are easy to follow. They’re clear, and even if you’re not a baking pro you can prepare these cupcakes.

What I’ve Prepared and My Experience

So far I’ve prepared 36 recipes from the Christmas issue and 3 from the Easter issue. We loved them all. The cupcakes I’ve prepared vary from Cookie Monster Cupcakes to Coconut Cream Cupcakes and a Birthday Cupcakes Cake. Last time I prepared Banana Cupcakes for Paul’s birthday party in week 34 2022.

We’ve prepared the basic vanilla cupcakes numerous times already. We’ve not just used them for the recipes from the magazine, but also just plain or to top with something we concocted ourselves, such as Kirby Cupcakes.

Spiced Cupcakes, 5 served on a rvs plate
Spiced Cupcakes

A few of the cupcake recipes we loved so far are White Chocolate Cupcakes with Strawberries, Cupcakes with a Star, Pumpkin Cupcakes, Chocolate Banana Cupcakes, Chocolate Cupcakes with Pomegranates and Red Velvet Cupcakes. The recipe for Spiced Cupcakes is on the blog.

That’s All On Cupcake Heaven Magazine

Hope you’re as enthusiastic about these magazines as I am, for years now.

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