Fish trio bun, served on a green plate, with a cup with cocktail sauce on the side. A slice of lemon on the side. The top bun is placed half over the other half sideways with shrimps pouring over it

Week 34 2022 in Food Photos

Week 34 2022 was a mix of simple homecooked meals and take out. We also had a party at the end of the week and Yuri started high school.  

Week 34 2022


Beans, mushroomburger, pasta and cheese sauce, served on a white plate. Mushroomburger on the right uppper side, pasta with sauce on top below on the palte and white beans in tomato sauce on the upper left
Beans, mushroomburger, pasta and cheese sauce

Yuri started with high school this week, however the first two days he was free. Paul prepared a simple meal for us of white beans in tomato sauce, pasta, cheese sauce and a mushroomburger.


Sellerie salad bun, served on a white paper square plate with a white paper napkin underneath the bun
Sellerie salad bun
Pancakes, served on a white plate. 1/3 with cheese, 1/3 with bacon and 1/3 with banana

We had lunch from Huismeesters. Paul and Yuri had a pulled chicken bun and I a sellerie salad bun. My new favorite bun to order at them. Yuri baked pancakes for dinner. He made pancakes with cheese, bacon and banana. Here’s by the way a blog with 100+ Pancake Ideas.


Yuri on his first day of high school, Yuri is standing with his bike, half on it in front of a wall with a blue door behind him. He has a black backpack on
Yuri on his first day of high school
KFC, on the left a paper basket with a burger, on the right a blue plate with chicken wings and a paper cup with fries. Seen from above
Donuts, a paper basket with 6 donuts, all different. a white chocolate one, on the upper left, next to that a chocolate one with a macaron on top, on the left of that one one with pieces of candy on it, above that one in the upper left corner a pink one with colorful sprinkles and a small meringue cookie in the middle. Next to that one on the right a sugared one without a hole and on the right of that one in the upper right corner a chocolate covered one

Yuri had his first day of high school. So off he went on his bike. Not a 5-minute bike ride anymore, like before, but a 30-minute bike ride. When he was home again, it turned out that he still missed some school supplies. So we went to the city center and got these things. We also took home with us KFC for dinner and donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts.


Laurel leaves, a small glass jar with them in it. A hand holding the jar
Laurel leaves
Instant noodles, a plastic tray which is hold by a hand and a fork in it
Instant noodles

In the morning I got a jar of laurel leaves from work. It came from the garden at their house in France. Yuri prepared instant noodles for his lunch after school. We had gotten them the day before at the Oriental XL supermarket.  

Beans, rice, and a vegetarian satay schnitzel, served on a blue plate
Beans, rice, and a vegetarian satay schnitzel

Dinner was rice, vegetarian satay schnitzel, brown beans and mayonnaise, prepared by Paul.


Lemon macarons, served on a double tray
Lemon macarons
Caramel cheesecake, served on a large serving plate. Above a cup with the caramel sauce
Caramel cheesecake
Banana cupcakes, served on a festive large plate topped with frosting and sprinkles
Banana cupcakes

Since we would have a party on Saturday, I prepared macarons, cupcakes and a cake on Friday. I made lemon macarons from my Macarons cookbook, a caramel cheesecake from Modern Baking from Donna Hay and banana cupcakes from Cupcake Heaven magazine.

Crunchy chicken burger  menu, served on a blue plate
Crunchy chicken burger menu

Since the kitchen was taken up with baking goods we had lunch from Huismeesters. Paul had a pulled chicken bun and I a sellerie salad bun. We ordered dinner from BurgerMe.


Smoked macakerel dip, in a glass mason jar
Smoked macakerel dip
Avocado cream, presented in a bowl
Avocado cream
Cranberry cream cheese dip, in a glass bowl
Cranberry cream cheese dip
Lemon butter, presented in a small ramekin
Lemon butter
Tricolore pasta salad, in an large rvs bowl with two spoons sticking out, a small bowl with dressing and a banana on the side
Tricolore pasta salad
Tomato mango salsa, an rvs bowl, with a wooden spoon standing in it
Tomato mango salsa

In the morning I further prepared dips and salads for the party. I prepared smoked mackerel dip and avocado cream from the cookbook Heerlijke Spreads. Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip from Buns In My Oven. Lemon butter, tricolore pasta salad and a tomato mango salsa.

The Birthday table, the cupcakes below, macarons above to the right, to the left ginger snaps and small banana candies and cake plates. Above the caramel cheesecake
The Birthday table
Almost all is gone!
Almost all is gone! I forgot to take a picture before

In the afternoon and evening we celebrated Paul’s birthday with family and friends in our garden. Paul’s birthday is in the beginning of August, but we’re almost always on vacation around that time. My mom also brought with her a chicken curry casserole with cherries. Paul always loves that casserole. The Cranberry Cream Cheese Dip and Caramel Cheesecake where the favorites at the party.


Fish trio bun, served on a green plate, with a cup with cocktail sauce on the side. A slice of lemon on the side. The top bun is placed half over the other half sideways with shrimps pouring over it
Fish trio bun
Satay, served on a white spikkled plate with a paper bag with fries, satay sauce in a cup, cucumber slices and kroepoek on the side
Paul with his satay at the beachclub, the beach and blue sky visible behind him
Cosette with the fish trio bun in front of her, the beach and dunes visible behind her
Butter cake and strawberry cake, the last one on a green plate with a fork, the first one on a blackish plate with a fork
Butter cake and strawberry cake
Strandhuys Katwijk
Strandhuys Katwijk

A quiet day on which Paul and I went to Katwijk aan Zee. We spent the whole afternoon at beachclub Strandhuys Katwijk. We’ve been here before and love it. I had a fish trio bun for lunch and Paul the satay. A little later I had a strawberry cake and Paul butter cake.

On the way home we took with us the Indonesian rice table from Miss Shu, so that was dinner sorted out. We made Yuri really happy with this.

So a week with some simple homecooked meals, take out, a party, first day of school and a beach day.    

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