Colored fries with sauces

Week 5 2021 in food photos

The update on week 5 2021 is just like the one from week 4 2021: late. We had a baking day this week and ended our week with a snowstorm.

Week 5 2021


Beefburger with mushrooms on a white plate
Beefburger with mushrooms

On Monday I again made a burger from my cookbook ‘Heerlijke Hamburgers’, the beefburger with mushrooms. Which was delicious, so far all the burger recipes are good.


McDonald's, McChicken menu and mini apple pies

Yuri and I really wanted McDonald’s for dinner. So Paul went through the drivetru and got Chinese food for himself at Asian Tower.


Colored fries with sauces
Colored fries with sauces

On Wednesday I prepared dinner again and made colored fries with sauces. From different veggies, which went in the oven. I served a veggie schnitzel on the side.


We had some leftovers on this day, a ‘kliekjes’ day as we say in Brabant.


Yuri and his nieces in the kitchen, seen from behind.
Yuri and his nieces in the kitchen
Ice cream cupcakes, 4 decorated on the kitchen counter
Ice cream cupcakes
Club sandwich fishstick on a blue plate
Club sandwich fishstick
Tea, 3 different flavors in bags, seen from behind

My sister came with our 2 nieces. We had a fun baking day. They first made ice cream cupcakes and then our dinner: club sandwich with fishsticks. Both things went great, and I only had to give a few tips here and there. My sister brought with her a few new flavors of tea.


Vega nachos in a casserole dish
Vega nachos

A friend came over and brought with him kibbeling for lunch. For dinner I made us vega nachos. We found it a bit blend. Next time I will add a bell pepper or something like that. Later in the evening the snow began to fall.


Yuri baking pancakes, flipping a pancake
Yuri baking pancakes
Endivie stamppot with a pork loin on a white plate
Endivie stamppot

We woke up to a beautiful white covered world. For breakfast Yuri made American pancakes. For dinner we had endivie stamppot. Perfect comfort food for the cold weather.

Posted no new blogs this week, but busy right now with a lot of blogs with new recipes.

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