Christmas Meringue Tower, served on an rvs plate

Week 1 2022 in Food Photos

We’re already half way through February but here’s week 1 of 2022. Yuri still had Christmas break, so he and I baked a few things together.

Week 1 2022


Chocolate sauce, served in a small pot with weck closing
Chocolate sauce
Christmas Meringue Tower, served on an rvs plate
Christmas Meringue Tower
Peas, sweet potato and chicken, served on a blue plate
Peas, sweet potato and chicken

Since I had planned too many recipes to prepare at Christmas, I still had a lot of recipes and ingredients left to make. Two of those were chocolate sauce and a Christmas meringue tower. We loved the meringue tower. For dinner we had cubed sweet potatoes, peas and chicken. All from the freezer, to make some room in it.


Yuri wanted to make a Christmas wreath with small frankfurters, so we prepared it for the lunch on Tuesday. For dinner we ordered a burger from BurgerMe.

Yuri topping the wreath with seasoning
Yuri topping the wreath with seasoning
Crunchy Chicken burger from BurgerMe, fries and a burger on a white plate
Crunchy Chicken burger from BurgerMe


We had too many bananas and some coconut milk leftover, so I prepared a bananabread coconut & chocolate. Which we liked a lot. We all really love bananabread. For dinner I made us a lumpia with beanrice. Simple but good.

Bananabread Coconut & Chocolate, served on a blue serving platter. Topped with slices of banana
Bananabread Coconut & Chocolate
Lumpia with beanrice, served on a blue plate with knife and fork and soy sauce next to it
Lumpia with beanrice


Macaroni, served in a large pan

Yuri prepared our dinner and made macaroni the way his grandmother does. We all love this macaroni, and it turned out the way my mum makes it. So a success.


Pancake with sweet mascarpone. served on a plate with pink and purple flower motif. The pancake is folded and topped with a leaf of mint and a slice of blood orange
Pancake with sweet mascarpone
Pulled Chicken bun, served on a white paper napking and in a cardboard plate
Pulled Chicken bun
Sushi! most of it served in a large round serving plate. One kind in a rectangle plate
Easy Apple Cider Sangria, served in a pitcher and two wine glasses filled with the sangria in front of it
Easy Apple Cider Sangria

For breakfast I prepared us pancakes with sweet mascarpone, this combination was delicious. The lunch on Friday was a bun with pulled chicken from De Huismeesters. Our weekly order. Yuri first didn’t love sushi, but he has grown to love it. So we ordered sushi for dinner and it’s a larger box than we used to order, since it isn’t just for the 2 of us, but for the 3 of us. At last that day made our weekly sangria, an easy apple cider sangria this time.


Breakfast a la Yuri, served on a blue plate, two eggs sunny side up, with ham and bacon under it, and a large sausage
Breakfast a la Yuri
Porkburger with sesame, served on a white plate
Porkburger with sesame

Yuri wanted to have eggs, ham, bacon and sausages for breakfast. He got the ingredients on Friday in the store and prepared it on Saturday morning with a little bit of help from his dad. The rest of the day I was busy taking down our Christmas stuff. Paul prepared a porkburger with sesame from the cookbook Heerlijke Hamburgers.

Sadly on this day the pitcher with sangria slipped out of Paul’s hands, so the end of our pitcher.


Kapsalon, served in an rvs box with a plastic cup with sauce on the side

We helped a friend with packing stuff since she was moving. At the end of the day we took home Greek food from restaurant Aphrodite.

So that was our week 1 2022, and a good start of the New Year. Week 2 2022 will only come in September.

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