The Strooigoed cookbook, as seen from the front, from above

Strooigoed Review: A Cookbook with Sinterklaas Recipes

Another cookbook review and this time it’s a review about a seasonal cookbook. Namely a Strooigoed review. A book I bought last year and which has Sinterklaas recipes in it. The last cookbook review was on Cupcake Heaven Magazine, which is also on sweet recipes, just like Strooigoed. There’s a bunch of Sinterklaas recipes in it and a few Christmas recipes.

Data Strooigoed Review

The author and chef behind the cookbook is Anne-Marij de Koning. She’s a recipe developer and writer. She’s published two books with Good Cook publishing. Strooigoed and De chocolade bar (The chocolate bar). She has owned her own pastry shop in the past.

The Strooigoed cookbook, as seen from the front and a bit from the side
The Strooigoed cookbook

The publisher of the cookbook is Good Cook. The book is in Dutch. ISBN-number of the book is 978 94 614 3179 0. It’s a hardcover version.


The book has 71 pages and is written in Dutch. All the recipes come with a photo. Almost all the photos are of the finished product. On half of the photos someone is preparing the recipe, on the other half the product is presented decorated and/or being held by someone. I love it that each recipe has a picture. A photo and the title is what gets me interested in a recipe.

The cookbook has 3 chapters with recipes. The chapters are as follows: Traditie (tradition), Specials and Kerst (Christmas). The Specials and Christmas chapters start with a line from a song of the season in big letters on one page and a photo to set a cozy tone on a second page.

Further there’s a foreword, a chapter on basic ingredients and a chapter on kitchen utensils at the beginning of the book. At the end is a thank you section and a about the author section.


There are 28 recipes in total in the cookbook. Most recipes fit on one page, a couple need 2 pages. Most recipes have a separate page for the photo, or the photo takes up half of a page. Each recipe has the title printed large. The preparation time, how many servings, ingredients list and a list of needed utensils are on the left. To the right of the ingredients are the instructions.

The recipe are relatively easy to prepare, and are of cakes cookies or pastries.

What I’ve Prepared and My Experience

Dutch ginger cookies, all in a bowl, it;'s topped
Dutch ginger cookies

So far I’ve prepared 5 recipes from the Tradition and Specials chapters. The first recipe I tried out were the Traditional Dutch Ginger Cookies (Kruidnoten), which we loved.

Vanilla cream pie with poached pears, served on a white plate
Vanilla cream pie with poached pears
Gevulde speculaas, served on a white plate with decoration, seen from the side
Gevulde speculaas

Our all-time favorite recipe so far is the Vanilla Cream Pie with Poached Pears. Other recipes we loved are the Gevulde Speculaas and Speculaas Seasoning. The Hot Almondmilk with Coconutcream was liked by Paul, but not so much by me.

Making even more recipes from this cookbook in week 2 2023.

That’s All On the Strooigoed Review

Hope you’re as enthusiastic on this cookbook as I am. I’ve already scheduled some more recipes for the next weeks, some recipes like the kruidnoten and gevulde speculaas are on the menu again and a lot of new ones.

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