Gravad Lax served on a white plate

Gravad Lax Recipe: Salmon is the Best!

It’s still a few months till New Year’s Eve. But here’s the first New Year’s Eve recipe of this year, a gravad lax recipe. A Scandinavian tradition that has spread through the Western world. Salmon is a perfect food to say goodbye to the old and welcome to the new year. However, although perfect to serve at New Year’s Eve, it’s delicious to eat the whole year round. Serve the gravad lax with dill-mustard sauce.

Gravad Lax served on a white plate
Gravad Lax

The recipe comes from the cookbook Sfeervol December from Sonja van de Rhoer. You’ll need two days for this recipe. The base of the recipe is salmon. I’m a big fan of salmon, so any recipe with it can’t go wrong for me. You’ll flavor the salmon with a mix of dill, sea salt, light brown castor sugar and peppercorns. The salmon needs to marinate for 48 hours, so the recipe requires some planning ahead. It’s however easy to prepare, and the time you need for preparing is short.

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We liked it, but next time I will use less salt, as this was too much for our liking. I only prepared a quarter of the recipe. That was enough for the 2 of us. I used smoked salmon instead of fresh salmon.

Comment below if you’re going to try it out, if you have any questions and tag #cosetteiscookin when you post pictures on your socials.

Gravad Lax Recipe

Gravad Lax served on a white plate
Gravad Lax

Allergies: fish, sugar.


100 grams smoked salmon

6.25 tablespoons dill

0.5 tablespoon sea salt

12.5 grams light brown castor sugar

0.25 tablespoon peppercorns

1 lemon


Place half of the salmon flat on a plate. Chop the dill. Crush the peppercorns.

In a bowl mix the dill with the sea salt, sugar and peppercorns.

Divide the mix over the salmon on the plate. Place the remaining salmon on top. Cover with cling film.

Place something heavy on top of it. All so that the flavors seep in well in the salmon.

Let the salmon marinate for 48 hours in the fridge. Turn the salmon around every 12 hours.

Remove the cling film. Slice the salmon in stripes. Serve with lemon parts and dill-mustard sauce.


  • Recipe source is the cookbook Sfeervol December from Sonja van de Rhoer.
  • Enough for 2 persons as a side dish or a bite.
  • To prepare it for 8 persons; multiply the ingredients with four, except for the lemon.
  • The original recipe contained 1.25 tablespoons of salt
  • You can use fresh salmon instead of smoked salmon.
Ingredients, placed on the kitchen counter, seen from above
A bowl with the marinate before mixing
A bowl with the marinate before mixing
The dill mixture, in a bowl with an orange rim, with a spoon in it
The dill mixture
The second layer with dill mixture, served on a white plate
The second layer with dill mixture
Third layer of salmon served on a white plate
Third layer of salmon
Covered in cling film served on a white plate
Covered in cling film
Something heavy on top on a white plate
Something heavy on top
After 2 days, served on a white plate, fluid has come out
After 2 days
Without the cling film, served on a white plate with fluid running out under the salmon
Without the cling film
Gravad Lax served on a white plate
Gravad Lax

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