Jack-o-Lantern, in the dark, with a light in it

Week 44 2022 in Food Photos

Week 44 2022 started with homecooked meals and ended with dinners outside the house with friends and family.

Week 44 2022


Salmon steak on a salad of green beans and potato, seen from above, served on a white plate
Salmon steak on a salad of green beans and potato

We started the week with a homecooked meal from the cookbook Van Piepers to Pasta from Blue Band. I prepared salmon steak with green beans and potatoes. It was Halloween but trick-or-treatin’ isn’t something they do in the Netherlands.


Jack-o-Lantern, in the dark, with a light in it
Spaghetti chicken-bolognese, seen from above, served on a white plate
Spaghetti chicken-bolognese

A day late but Paul hollowed out a pumpkin and made a jack-o-lantern from it. Always fun! Paul made spaghetti with chicken Bolognese sauce from the cookbook Het Complete Pastaboek for dinner. It tasted good!


Cheese bun, seen from above on a paper bag on a bench with shadows and sun over it
Cheese bun
Cookbook from Aviko. De Smaakmakers van Portugal
Cookbook from Aviko
Bread magazine, seen from above, Zelf Brood Bakken
Bread magazine
Pizza bbq vega chicken, seen from above, served on a blue plate
Pizza bbq vega chicken

I had to have some things from the stores downtown and got lunch on the go from KEEK, a cheese bun. It was delicious with cheese and spinach in it. Got two new cookbooks in the mail on this day. Namely De Smaakmakers van Portugal from Aviko and the magazine Zelf brood bakken from Landleven. Both with really delicious recipes inside. Dinner was a pizza bbq vega chicken.


Snacks, seen from above with mayonnaise on the side, served on a white plate

Paul and I were both not in the mood to cook dinner this day. So Paul made snacks, fries and kaassouflés for us in the deep-fryer.


Chocolate milkshake, topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce
Chocolate milkshake
Mozzarella sticks, served with salsa on teh side in a black cup in a black iron cast  tray
Mozzarella sticks
Chicken wings, served on a white square plate, seen from the side
Chicken wings
Quesadillas, served ona black plate, seen from above with on the side, salsa, sour cream and guacamole in small black cups
Sliders, served on a square white tray, on a paper from Fridays, 3 of them
Spareribs, served on a white square plate with vegetables in a cup on the side and fries in a bucket on the side
Mac and cheese, served in a black tray
Mac and cheese
Chicken tenders, served on a square black plate, bucket with fries on the side, a small black cup with cole slaw on the side and a small black cup with mayonnaise
Chicken tenders
Bacon-cheeseburger, served on a white square plate, served with a bucket with fries on the side on Fridays decorated paper
Starbucks order, 3 Christmas cups and one see through plastic cup
Starbucks order

On Friday we went for dinner at Fridays with a friend. We had mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, quesadillas and sliders as a starter. For a main the signature ribs, mac and cheese, chicken tenders and a bacon-cheeseburger. Afterwards we went to Starbucks and had a stroopwafel latte, chai latte, strawberries & cream frappuccino and a praline cookie hot chocolate.


We had a baking day with my nieces at my parents’ home. A baking day with the daughters of my sister and Yuri we do one to two times a year. I choose some recipes together with Yuri and my nieces, usually 2 to 3 and we prepare them together. Although it’s more and more that I give them some tips and pointers and they do it mostly on their own.

Bananabread Honey & Chocolate, served on a red cutting board
Bananabread Honey & Chocolate
Devils donut, served on a white decorated plate, seen from the side
Devils donut
Curry chicken casserole, served on a white decorated plate
Curry chicken casserole

The baking day started with lunch at my parents. My mom had whole wheat and white buns on the table with cold cuts, cheese and spreads. After we made devils donuts from the cookbook Donuts and bananabread honey & chocolate from the cookbook Bananabread. For dinner my mom had prepared pancakes with cinnamon and a chicken-curry casserole.  


We went to my parents-in-law and had dinner together. My mother-in-law prepared pasta with a delicious curry, chicken and beans sauce. Dessert afterwards were oliebollen, a Dutch New Year’s Eve treat.

So that was a week with delicious homecooked meals, one dinner out and a bit of baking.      

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