Kapsalon, loaded fries with salad and doner meat in a alu tin foiltray

Week 4 2022 in Food Photos

So we’re halfway through the month of September and finally I post week 4 2022. Yesterday I posted week 3 2022, so it’s going at a good rate. This week was a week with many cookies, homecooked meals, take out and Yuri sadly having Covid.

Week 4 2022


Fried noodles with pickled cucumbers, served on a blue plate
Fried noodles with pickled cucumbers
Traditional seasoned cucumbers, in a really large mason jar
Traditional seasoned cucumbers

Yuri was pretty sick all day long and stayed home from school. He tested negative on a home test however. For dinner we had fried noodles and traditional seasoned cucumbers. All from the cookbook Bijbel van de Indonesische Keuken from Maureen Tan.


Pulled chicken bun, a whole wheat bun. Served on a white paper napkin and that on a paper bag
Pulled chicken bun

Yuri had also developed a fever and this morning his test was positive. Not that great for him (or us). We had a pulled chicken bun from Huismeesters for lunch.

Chicken burger with bell pepper and potato, served on a baquette on a white plate
Chicken burger with bell pepper and potato

Dinner was a chicken burger with bell pepper and potato from the cookbook Heerlijke Hamburgers from Anne Wilson. Our family loves a good burger!


Christmas wreath cookies, topped with almonds or hazelnuts, stacked on each other on a Christmas decorated plate
Christmas wreath cookies
Mac and cheese, served on a blue plate, with halved cherry tomatoes in it
Mac and cheese

I prepared Christmas wreath cookies from the cookbook De Koekjesbijbel from Rutger van den Brink. For dinner Paul prepared Mac and Cheese.


Crunchy chicken burger, served on a white plate, with on the side fries and mayonnaise
Crunchy chicken burger
Chocolate sprinkled ginger cookies, 4 of them on a Christmas decorated serving plate
Chocolate sprinkled ginger cookies

We ordered burgers from BurgerMe for dinner. I prepared another batch of cookies from De Koekjesbijbel, this time Chocolate Sprinkled Ginger Cookies.


Moroccan pumpkin soup, in a soup bowl, with a spoon in it seen from above. With a white plate on the side with slices of baquette with butter
Moroccan pumpkin soup

Paul prepared Moroccan pumpkin soup for dinner from the Picnic magazine. He served it with baquette slices with butter. The soup was delicious.


We stayed home the whole weekend. Yuri was sick and needed hugs during the day and wanted us to be at home with him.

Saffron bread, on a blue serving tray
Saffron bread
Kapsalon, loaded fries with salad and doner meat in a alu tin foiltray

I prepared a festive saffron bread and we had Greek take out from Restaurant Aphrodite Gyros.


Strawberry meringues, 7 of them next to eachother on a Christmas decorated serving plate
Strawberry meringues
Cake with almonds, pistachios and orange peel, still in the glass cake mold
Cake with almonds, pistachios and orange peel
Vegetarian nachos, served on a blue plate
Vegetarian nachos

A baking day, since I baked strawberry meringues and a cake with almonds, pistachios and orange peel. Dinner was vegetarian nachos, so the oven was on throughout most of the day. We love nachos and this version with vegetarian ground meat is delicious.

So that was a week we spent mostly inside our house, and with a lot of baking.   

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