Spareribs, served on a see through glass plate. With 3 cups with sauces, salad and fries on the side

Week 35 2022 in Food Photos

Week 35 2022 was a week with almost no homecooked meals. Yuri had school camp, we went to a festival and I went an afternoon to Amsterdam. And just like week 34 2022 we ended the week with a party.

Week 35 2022


Yuri went camping, to get acquainted with his classmates. He went to Austerlitz on bike, the same spot he went to on his previous camp. We were a bit lazy in the evening and Paul made us some fries and snacks in the deep-fryer.


Fresh salmonburger, served on a white plate, topped with boiled egg, cucumber slices, lettuce and salmon
Fresh salmonburger

I prepared a fresh salmonburger from the cookbook Heerlijke Hamburgers from Anne Wilson for lunch. In the evening we ordered burgers from BurgerMe, so we had a burger Tuesday.


Woods35, seen from the outside. A terrace in front of it. In the woods
Hamburger, served on a wooden board. A cup with salad, next to it a cup with myonnaise, a basket with fries and then the burger
Spareribs, served on a see through glass plate. With 3 cups with sauces, salad and fries on the side
Paul and his ice cream
Paul and his ice cream
Us at Ottenhome, , Paul on the left in the sun, Cosette on the right, with a window behind us
Us at Ottenhome
The sunset, above the Loosdrechtse Plassen, with boats in front of it
The sunset
Vlammetjes and kaassoufles, in the dark, a basket with them on a wooden board, a cup with sauce next to the basket
Vlammetjes and kaassoufles

After work we drove our usual round we love to drive with beautiful nature and nice places to sit down at. We started with dinner at Woods35, I had a burger and Paul the spareribs. Then a short ride further to Cafetaria De Egelshoek, where Paul had ice cream and I ice tea. After that our third stop was Ottenhome, where we had tea and coffee and saw the sun set in the lake. We ended our evening at Café Moeke with drinks and vlammetjes and mini kaassouflés. Normally we can’t stay out till 10pm on a schoolday, but since Yuri was on camp we for once could.


Indonesian rice table, part of it and koe loe yuk.
Koe loe yuk and more
Indonesian rice table, part of it, 4 plastic trays
Indonesian rice table
Indonesian rice table, part of it and extra peanut sauce
More food
Indonesian rice table, a bag with kroepoek, a plastic cup with sambal, a plastic cup with candied vegetables
Indonesian rice table

Yuri came back from school camp. He had had a good 4 days. In the evening a friend came over and we got Chinese take out from Miss Shu. We had the Indonesian rice table again and koe loe yuk and extra satay sauce. It was again delicious.


Bread and kroketten, two slices of whole wheat bread with a kroket on each, mayonnaise on both slices. Served on a white plate
Bread and kroketten

For lunch Paul made us slices of bread with kroketten. Always a favorite of mine!

Yumy foodtruck, with people standing in line
Yumy foodtruck
Sushi, a paper plate with 8 rolls on it, seen from above
Japanese poffertjes, in a paper cup with a paper napkin underneath
Japanese poffertjes
Wagyu bun, on a paper plate, a white bread bun with the wagyu meat in between
Wagyu bun
The loaded fries foodtruck,
The loaded fries foodtruck
Loaded fries Bali, a paper cup with paper hanging over the sides. The fries loaded with cassave kroepoek, spring onion, red pepper, pulled chicken, peanut sauce
Loaded fries Bali
Fried shrimps, in a paper basket with sweet and sour sauce
Fried shrimps
Paul and Yuri at Gastmaal Cafe, Paul on the left, Yuri on the right, hugging Paul
Paul and Yuri at Gastmaal Cafe
Cheese plate, served on a white plate, 3 different kinds of cheese, two slice of each. two slices of currant bread and some jam
Cheese plate
Us at Gastmaal cafe, Cosette on the left, Paul in the middle, Yuri on the right
Us at Gastmaal cafe

In the evening we went to the Asian Food Festival Joy in Griftpark with a friend. We tried out sushi from Yumy, Japanese poffertjes, a wagyu bun, loaded fries Bali and braided fried shrimps. All was delicious and tasted good. We ended the evening at Gastmaal café with drinks and a cheese plate.


Bourgondische lifestyle, seen from the outside
Bourgondische lifestyle
At Cafe De Oude Wester, ice tea in a bottle and a glass, with the e reader in front of me
At Cafe De Oude Wester
Iced cafe latte at Koffie Salon, with the ereader in front of it
Iced cafe latte at Koffie Salon
On the train home, a can of ice tea behind the ereader
On the train home
Goodies I bought, all seen from above placed on the table
Goodies I bought
Some other things I bought
Some other things I bought

Yuri went to play at a friend’s house and I went the afternoon to Amsterdam. I did a bit of shopping and wandered around and sat down a few times and read in my book. I got goodies from Dille & Kamille (some things I needed and hot chocolate powder), Stadsbakker Jongejans (ginger butter cake and cheese crackers), Bourgondisch Lifestyle (cheese!, beer and jam), Simon Levelt (I love their Irish breakfast tea) and Hema (tompouce kruidnoten, nuts and cheese sticks). I sat down at Café De Oude Wester and the Koffie Salon. Took a can of ice tea from The Döner Company to drink on the train ride home.

Australian Pie, rice and broccoli served on a blue plate
Australian Pie, rice and broccoli
Borrelplank, a wooden board with cups with nuts and cheese salts, cheese crackers and cheeses

Paul prepared dinner for us, he made Australian pies, broccoli and rice. The Australian pie was delicious. In the evening we made a borrelplank with what I’ve gotten in the afternoon.


Some of the delicious food from the dinner buffet, served on a white plate
Some of the delicious food from the dinner buffet

My aunt and uncle celebrated 50 years of marriage with a party at Market Place. It was fun seeing my aunts, uncles, cousins and their kids again. There was a dinner and a dessert buffet. With delicious food!

So a week with not enough homecooked meals, but still lots of good food.

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