Polderfries, two portions standing on a bench with sauce on them

Week 15 2021 in Food Photos

Week 15 of 2021 started as a regular week and then Yuri had to go into quarantine. A classmate tested positive. So Yuri had to stay inside, and had online school again. We ended the week with two auto routes that Paul and I drove. A new hobby of us driving auto routes.

Week 15 2021


Lasagna with Pork and Porcini, served in a glass casserole
Lasagna with Pork and Porcini

A lasagna with pork and porcini for dinner from my Lasagne cookbook to kick of the week.


Risotto with Saffron, served in a deep white plate
Risotto with Saffron

Made us risotto with saffron, from the cookbook Risotto. Late in the evening we heard the news that Yuri had to go into quarantine.


Crunchy Chicken Burger with Fries, served on a blue plate
Crunchy Chicken Burger with Fries

Since the day went differently as expected we ordered food for dinner: BurgerMe.


Summer Tomato Soup
Summer Tomato Soup

In the morning I put on the slowcooker with fresh tomatoes in it. In the afternoon we had a delicious Summer Tomato Soup. Recipe is from the I Love My Slowcooker cookbook.


We had so many leftovers in the freezer that we had them for dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I don’t have photos from those meals, so can’t share them with you.


Tulip Field
Tulip Field
Polderfries, two portions standing on a bench with sauce on them

On Saturday we drove one of the 3 tulip routes in Flevoland. Paul and I had lunch with polderfries at Boerkok. The fries were delicious, we ate them in our car. Since there were at that time still restrictions that you couldn’t eat in- or outside restaurants.


Gasterij Zondag, from the outside
Gasterij Zondag
Take out apple pie, in cardboard boxes and coffee and tea in cups with lids
Take out apple pie
Restaurant Theehuis Uddelermeer, from the outside
Restaurant Theehuis Uddelermeer
Bun with warm meat and peanut sauce, served on a plastic plate
Bun with warm meat and peanut sauce

We drove the ANWB Noord-Veluwe route, which started and ended at Garderen. We had take out apple pie with tea and coffee at the start  of the route at Gasterij Zondag. We had a bun with warm meat and peanut sauce for lunch at Restaurant Theehuis Uddelermeer. We ate it in our car on the parking lot. It was really delicious.

This week I published Brioche with Seeds and Candied Orange.  

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