Vroeg Borrelplank, served on a wooden board on a Easter paper table cloth

Week 13 2021 in Food Photos

We started week 13 of 2021 with beautiful weather. The last days of March and the beginning of April brought beautiful, sunny weather. At the end of the week we celebrated Easter at home with lots of delicious take out and homecooked sweets.

Week 13 2021


Blossom in the neighborhood, against a clear blue sky
Blossom in the neighborhood
Asian Salmon Package with rice, served on a white plate
Asian Salmon Package with rice

Made Asian Salmon Packages from the Ovenbijbel for us. Served the packages with plain rice. We loved it. Blossom was fully in swing, so that was lovely on my walk around the neighborhood.


Lasagna, served in a glass casserole

We had lasagna on Tuesday. Always a hit. This time I tried out a recipe from the Ovenbijbel.


Italian Ice Cream in a cup on the hood of Paul's motorbike
Italian Ice Cream

On Wednesday we had leftovers and Paul went for a motorbike ride and got ice cream at De Ijsbeer at Vinkeveen. His favorite ice cream parlor.


Grilled cheese sandwich and a boiled egg
Grilled cheese sandwich and a boiled egg
Brioche with seeds, 2 brioches on a grid
Brioche with seeds
Baked Chorizobread, still on the baking sheet
Baked Chorizobread
Chocolate Easter Nests, you see 2 of the cookies up close.
Chocolate Easter Nests
Pulled Pork with fries, served on a blue plate
Pulled Pork with fries

Put on my slowcooker in the morning, so Pulled Pork would be ready for dinner. Yuri had Easter breakfast with school online, since his teacher was still sick. He had a boiled egg and grilled cheese sandwich. It was a baking day for me, since I prepared Brioche with Seeds and Candied Orange, Baked Chorizobread and Chocolate Easter Nests, for Easter already. Served the pulled pork with fries.


Satay from De Beren, served on a white plate
Satay from De Beren

We ordered at De Beren for dinner, one of our favorite chain restaurants. I had the satay with peanut sauce, fries and prawn crackers.


Kolintang Surinamese/Indonesian food, served in the black plastic plate it comes in
Kolintang Surinamese/Indonesian food

In support of local businesses we ordered dinner again, this time at Kolintang. A traiteur in Lunetten with Surinamese and Indonesian food. So delicious. Paul went to restaurant Vroeg and got a lot of delicious food for Easter.


Easter Breakfast Table
Easter Breakfast Table
Pulled Pork Egg Muffins
Pulled Pork Egg Muffins
Easter Lunch Table
Easter Lunch Table
Vroeg Borrelplank, served on a wooden board on a Easter paper table cloth
Vroeg Borrelplank
Cheese Pizza, served on a white plate, 2 slices
Cheese Pizza
Salami Pizza, one slice served on a white plate
Salami Pizza

Easter day we started with a breakfast from Restaurant Het Oude Tolhuys. Prepared Pulled Pork Egg Muffins for lunch. We had lunch at our home with a friend with the homemade goodies and a paasstol from Vroeg. Vroeg and Het Oude Tolhuys are local restaurants which we love and gladly support. In the afternoon we had a borrelplank (charcuterie board) from Vroeg. Which was delicious. We were not that hungry anymore after all that food, so we had some pizza from the store.

Published 2 new blogs for Easter: Spinach Pie and Chocolate Easter Nests.

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