Chocolate mousse, served on a ceramic plate with a high rim. Decorated with a chocolate cookie and a star fruit

Week 1 2024 in Food Photos

The first week of the new year, and week 1 2024 started good. The first day of 2024 was a Monday. So how did we start 2024? Read on to find out.

Week 1 2024


Bubbles at breakfast, two glasses with champagne and two books on the table
Bubbles at breakfast
The breakfast buffet, 3 sides to pick out breakfast
The breakfast buffet
Split pea soup or erwtensoep, served in a bowl topped with spring onion. Placed on a wooden board, with rye bread with bacon on top
Split pea soup

We started our day with bubbles and a breakfast buffet at our hotel, Fletcher Hotel De Vrije Teugel in Uden. We had a quiet day with lots of reading. For lunch we had erwtensoep at the restaurant in the hotel.

Chai latte and stroopwafel latte, in glass mugs, standing on a small plate with a cookie, sugar andspoon on the side
Chai latte and stroopwafel latte
Bittergarnituur, served in a small white bowl. With a cup with tomato ketchup and asmall cup with mayonaise on the side

Later on in the afternoon Paul and I had a chai latte (Cosette) and stroopwafel latte (Paul) and bittergarnituur (small snacks).

Spaghetti bolognese, served in a deep white plate
Spaghetti bolognese
Schnitzel, on a plate with vegetables on the side
Pork loin with potatoes, served on a plate, seen from above. Sauce on top of the pork. On the side two small bowls with condiments
Pork loin with potatoes
Apple pie with a scoop of ice cream and a whiff of whipped cream on the side. Served on a square black plate
Apple pie
Chocolate lava cake, with a scoop of ice cream and a whiff of whipped cream. Served on a black plate
Chocolate lava cake

Dinner was 2 courses at the restaurant in the hotel. It was delicious. We had a main and dessert, all 3 of us.

A good way to start the new year.


Breakfast choice of the buffet, croissants on a white plate, a bowl with kwark and cereal, a glass with tea and a glass of orange juice. Served on a serving tray
Breakfast choice of the buffet

We went home again after we had the breakfast buffet at our hotel. Paul had to work again and Yuri had friends coming over. Yuri had chosen fries and a kroket for dinner.


Chocolate Chip Pancakes, a small stack on a white plate
Chocolate Chip Pancakes

In the morning I made a stack of mini chocolate chip pancakes for Yuri and his friends for breakfast.

Broccoli soup, in a pan with a large spoon in it
Broccoli soup
Curry soup with almonds, served in a bowl, seen from above
Curry soup with almonds

Dinner was broccoli soup and curry soup with almonds. The first recipe is from the cookbook Van Piepers tot Pasta, the second is from Blue Band Basiskookboek. A friend had dinner with us. He comes over almost every Wednesday evening.


Sauerkraut with goulash, served in a casserole dish
Sauerkraut with goulash

I prepared such a delicious dinner for us this day, I have to share it with you on the blog. It was sauerkraut with goulash. A casserole dish and everything combined perfectly. The meat was so tender, just perfect.


Apple crumble pie, still in the spring tin
Apple crumble pie

Baked two cakes for my dad, an apple crumble pie and a cake with nuts and caramel. We took them with us on a weekend getaway. We went to Landal Mooi Zutendaal with my parents and my sister. My mom had made macaroni for dinner, that was always my favorite dinner growing up and I still love it.

We celebrated that my dad was turning 75 later that month, that’s why I baked two cakes. He loved both the cakes, so did the others, and they were gone by Sunday.


Breakfast table
Breakfast table

We started the day with breakfast together, with bread and buns. Then we played board games and read and talked together.

Mustard soup, served in a bowl, standing on a paper napkin on a plate, with a small bun and butter cup on the side
Mustard soup
Garlic bread, served on a plate with some alfa alfa on top
Garlic bread
Vol-au-vent, served on a plate with a bowl with salad on the side
Schnitzel, served on a plate, with two small bowls on the side with sauce and salad
Chocolate mousse, served on a ceramic plate with a high rim. Decorated with a chocolate cookie and a star fruit
Chocolate mousse
Pie, with two small bowls with ice cream and whipped cream on the side

In the afternoon we had lunch at ‘t Zutendalertje, with Belgian cuisine. I had the vol-au-vent, which is a puff pastry cup with chicken ragout. It was delicious.

Dinner was bread and buns at the cottage.


Fries with a kroket and cheese kroket, served on a square white plate
Fries with a kroket and cheese kroket

We again had breakfast together with bread and buns. Lunch this day was buns with Frankfurters. Dinner was fries with a kaaskroket (cheese kroket) and other snacks. Then we went home again, after a fantastic family weekend.  

So that was a week with two relaxed weekend getaways.  

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