Loaded fries stoofvlees, as seen from above

Week 39 2022 in Food Photos

Week 39 2022 was a week with lots of cooking and baking. The week ended with a busy Saturday and a quiet Sunday.

Week 39 2022


Bananabread, still in the glass cake mold
Pumpkin puree, in a white cup
Pumpkin puree
Rice stir fry, served on a blue plate
Rice stir fry

Since I had some leftover bananas, I baked a banana bread. I used the recipe for a classic one from the cookbook Bananabread. I also prepared pumpkin puree from one of the pumpkins we picked ourselves. Paul made a stir fry dish with rice for dinner.


Spicy barbecue sauce, a large pot completely full and a bit smaller pot half full
Spicy barbecue sauce
Lasagna bolognese, served on a white plate
Lasagna bolognese
Pumpkin bread, served on a blue tray
Pumpkin bread

In the morning I cooked a spicy barbecue sauce from the cookbook Heerlijke Hamburgers from Anne Wilson. The barbecue sauce needed to rest for 2 days before using it. Yuri made lasagna Bolognese together with Paul. I baked a pumpkin bread, I used the pumpkin puree I prepared on Monday.


Tomato sauce, in two pots, one small and a larger one
Tomato sauce
Pumpkin puree, in a plastic tray
Pumpkin puree

This morning I prepared tomato sauce from the cookbook Heerlijke Hamburgers. The tomato sauce needed to rest for a week before using it. I made another batch of pumpkin puree from the second pumpkin we picked ourselves.

Fries, on a white plate with mayonnaise
Chicken nuggets with curry sauce, served on a white plate
Chicken nuggets with curry sauce

I wanted fries for dinner. So Paul prepared these and chicken nuggets in our deep-fryer.


Toadstools, in the grass
Broccoli burger, served on a blue plate with chips on the side
Broccoli burger

On my walk around the neighborhood I spotted the first toadstools. They were really large. Dinner was a broccoli burger with the barbecue sauce I had prepared on Tuesday.


Small cheese board, on a small white plate
Small cheese board
Spicy pumpkin soup, seen from the side, served in a white deep plate
Spicy pumpkin soup

We had a really small cheese board as an appetizer. Dinner was a spicy pumpkin soup from A Spicy Perspective, for which I had prepared pumpkin puree earlier this week. The pumpkin soup was really delicious.


Bakkerij de Tureluur, seen from outside, from the side. A grass field on the side, in front parking spaces
Bakkerij de Tureluur
A blondie, chocolate chip cookie and butter cake, all on my leg, from top to bottom
A blondie, chocolate chip cookie and butter cake

We had a really busy, but fun Saturday. We started in the morning with a visit to Bakkerij de Tureluur in Almere.

At Grendel Games, Paul and Yuri sitting at a table
At Grendel Games
Pumpkin pie, served on a white plate with a fork
Pumpkin pie
Juice, pumpkin pie and ham sandwich, juice in a glass, pie on a white plate and the sandwich on a green plate, seen from above
Juice, pumpkin pie and ham sandwich
Loaded fries stoofvlees, as seen from above
Loaded fries stoofvlees
Loaded fries kharma kabab, seen from above
Loaded fries kharma kabab
La Place Leeuwarden, seen from the front
La Place Leeuwarden

Then on to Leeuwarden. It was the Weekend van de Wetenschap (Science Weekend) and lots of events here being held and companies opened their doors. Among them Grendel Games. Yuri wants to become a game developer, so seeing a game studio from the inside was what he wanted to do. He asked a lot of questions to the people working here. Afterwards we had lunch at the La Place in Leeuwarden. Yuri had loaded fries stoofvlees (stew), I had loaded fries Kharma Kabab and Paul a ham sandwich. We also ordered one piece of pumpkin pie.

Cosette's dinner from KFC, as seen from above
Cosette’s dinner from KFC
Paul's dinner at KFC, as seen from above
Paul’s dinner at KFC

From Leeuwarden we drove to Nijkerk to visit Paul’s parents. After our visit on our way home we stopped in Amersfoort for dinner at McDonald’s and KFC.

In the evening Paul and I went to a birthday party of a friend in Beek-Ubbergen.


Croissants, 3 regular ones and one with ham and cheese inside, divided over 3 plates
Croissants, our breakfast on Sunday
Pasta, vegetarian chicken and green beans with barbecue sauce, served on a white plate
Pasta, vegetarian chicken and green beans with barbecue sauce

Since our Saturday was so full we stayed home on Sunday. Dinner were green beans with pasta, vegetarian chicken pieces and barbecue sauce. Paul prepared it for us.

So that was a week with a lot of cooking and baking.    

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