Roasted Lamb Roll, in a steam basket

Week 26 2022 in Food Photos

Week 26 2022 was the last full week of school for Yuri. At the end of the week he starred in his school musical and we had dinner at a restaurant with my parents. The last overview I wrote was Week 20 2022. Since I’ve had COVID I’ve been more tired, so wasn’t able to write as much as before.  

Week 26 2022


Drumsticks with peach salsa, salad and baguette, served on a white plate
Drumsticks with peach salsa, salad and baguette

Dinner was drumsticks with peach salsa from Lekker Eten & Bewegen. I served it with a simple salad of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber and a baguette.


Sharing starters  flatbread, edamame beans, sweet potato hummus and rosti rounds
Sharing starters

We had our usual lunch on Tuesday, buns from De Huismeesters. Dinner was sharing starters from magazine Sparkle.


Shrimp kabobs piri piri, on 2 small sticks and 2 large ones served on a white plate
Shrimp kabobs piri piri
Vegetarian gyozas with cocote sauce served on a banana leaf in a steam basket
Vegetarian gyozas with cocote sauce
Roasted Lamb Roll, in a steam basket
Roasted Lamb Roll
Couscous explosion in a blue and white bowl
Couscous explosion
Spanish iberico and Manchego cheese served on a wooden board with grapes, bread, sauce and soup sticks
Spanish iberico and Manchego cheese
Chillz, the entrance
At Chillz, Paul sitting on the table, drinks in front of him, outside
At Chillz

For lunch I made us shrimp kabobs piri piri. Which were delicious. Yuri went to the movies with 3 friends, so we went for dinner at Chillz. We just walked on Oudegracht till we found something we liked and that was Chillz. Paul had the roasted lamb roll and Spanish iberico and Manchego cheese. I had the vegetarian gyozas with rocoto sauce and couscous explosion. It was all really delicious and well prepared.


Pokebowl with crunchy shrimp, in a soup bowl rice topped with braided shrimp, cucumber, avocado, mango and wasabi-mayonnaise
Pokebowl with crunchy shrimp

We had a pokébowl with crunchy shrimps for lunch. A recipe from OhMyFoodness. We ordered dinner at BurgerMe.


Curry sauce with bananas, broccoli, boiled egg and rice served on a white plate
Curry sauce with bananas, broccoli, boiled egg and rice
Yuri in his role, with lederhosen on, and a moustache and beard
Yuri in his role

Lunch was ciabatta buns with chicken, bell pepper and wasabi. We prepared our dinner early since Yuri’s school musical was in the evening. We had curry sauce with banana, broccoli, rice and a boiled egg. After the musical I got a chocolate mousse cake and tompoucen at the grocery store. The chocolate mousse cake was so delicious!


Paintings at the Stedelijk Museum, 4 paintings on the wall
Paintings at the Stedelijk Museum
Creperie Cocote, the front of the store
Creperie Cocotte
Crepe choc served on a square black plate. Folded with chocolate chips on top
Crepe choc
Crepe Suzette, served on a black square plate with an orange slice on top, folded
Crepe Suzette
Iced chai latte, served with a paper straw in a tall glass
Iced chai latte
Bacon beef burger with fries, served on a paper on a plate
Bacon beef burger with fries
Paul had the ribs, he's sitting at the small table, with the ribs in front of him and in front of that the drinks
Paul had the ribs
Baileys strawberry banana cocktail, two drinks on a high foot
Baileys strawberry banana cocktail

In the afternoon Yuri had a party and Paul and I went to Amsterdam. We started at the Stedelijk Museum and from there we walked towards the city center. At Crêperie Bretonne Cocotte we ate a crepe choc and a crepe La Suzette . We sat down at Day’s Stonegrill 1870/Foodbar for dinner. I had a bacon beef burger and Paul the ribs. We both had a Baileys strawberry banana cocktail.


Restaurant Montimar, the entrance on the outside
Restaurant Montimar
Cocktail Del Mar, served on a black bowl
Cocktail Del Mar
Catalan Mussels, in a black pan on a white plate with 2 slices of bread
Catalan Mussels
Jambon Y Melon, served on a black plate
Jambon Y Melon
Pollo Y Gambas served on a greyish plate
Pollo Y Gamba’s
Tenera, served on a blueish plate
Bacalcao, served on a beige plate
Limoncelloparfait and a glass of limoncello, served on an ovale plate
Limoncelloparfait and a glass of limoncello
Fromages served on a wooden board

To celebrate being 47 years married, my parents took us to restaurant Montimar in Boekel. They had the wedding party at this venue 47 years ago. The food was delicious and we had a good time with the family. I had the Cocktail Del Mar, the Pollo Y Gamba’s and the Limoncelloparfait. Paul had the Jamon Y Melon, Tenera and Fromages. Yuri had the Catalaanse mosselen and Bacalao.

So a week with a lot of dinners at restaurants.  

Published 1 new blog this week: 100+ Pancake Ideas to Serve at Home.   

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