Almond-creamcake, the cake is on a plate

Week 2 2021 in foodphotos

We finally had a bit of snow last week. It arrived here in Utrecht late in the afternoon on Saturday, but I loved watching the world turn white. Sadly, it was all gone again by Sunday afternoon. The week wasn’t that full with elaborate recipes, I made some easy comfort food and we had a date night at home. So here’s week 2 2021.

Week 2 2021


Fries with pommes frites saltz, vega schnitzel, cauliflower and dip on a white plate
Fries with pommes frites saltz, vega schnitzel, cauliflower and dip

On Monday I made a sour cream dip, fries with pommes frites saltz, vega schnitzel and cauliflower for us. We loved the 2 different seasonings I used in the dip and on the fries.


Hamburger Hafencurry, rice with the curry on top.
Hamburger Hafencurry

I had cleaning day, as usual on Tuesday, and made Hamburger Hafencurry for dinner. A recipe from my sister-in-law, which we loved. Our lockdown got extended with 3 weeks, so we’re in lockdown till February 8th.


Burrito on a smaller white plate

We had a normal working/school day and Paul made burritos for dinner. He used a burrito kit, and although tasty, the burritos were much too salty to our liking.


Fried noodles on a white plate
Fried noodles

Another working/school day and I made fried noodles for dinner, which Yuri loves.


Sushi, some on a small plate, the rest still in boxes, one box is opened. A laptop on the side. Week 2 2021

We had a date night at home. Sushi for dinner and we watched The Holiday, a favorite romantic movie of mine.


Cupcake with oatmeal and blueberries on a small brown plate
Cupcake with oatmeal and blueberries
Almond-creamcake, the cake is on a plate

For breakfast I made cupcakes with oatmeal and blueberries, from a new cooking book I got for my Birthday. They were good. I also made a almond-creamcake for my Father, who has his Birthday today. For dinner we had fries and bitterballen, the perfect dinner on a lazy Saturday.


On Sunday we had lunch at my parents and brought with us the cake for my Father’s Birthday. Everybody loved the cake, except for me. I don’t really like cream cake nor coffee flavor. For dinner we had left-over Hamburger Hafencurry and fried noodles. We had an easy day with reading. I’m reading ‘Everybody Lies’ by Steph Stephens-Davidowitz.

Last week I only posted week 1 2021 in foodphotos. This week we’re going for more recipes published.

Dinners for next week are all planned, vegetarian meals and burgers it is.

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