Sergio bun served on a white plate

Week 8 2021 in Food Photos

The last week of February, week 8 in 2021, I tried out a lot of new recipes and we went on a short bike ride . A lot of recipes from the cookbook Just Cook It from Sergio Herman. A famous Dutch chef.  

Week 8 2021


Homemade fries, on kitchen paper with sauce
Homemade fries

At the start of the week I made is homemade fries. I used a recipe from Sergio Herman for thick cut fries with peanut dip. It was simply delicious.


Sergio bun served on a white plate
Sergio bun

On Tuesday I prepared another dinner from the Just Cook It cookbook. I made us a Sergio bun.


Spinach Pie
Spinach Pie
Snow drops, up close, a bunch
Snow drops

Made a Spinach Pie for dinner, with whole boiled eggs stuffed inside. We had some nice weather and snow drops were everywhere.


Toast with mushrooms, served on a white plate
Toast with mushrooms

The third recipe from Sergio Herman this week was Toast with Mushrooms, again a delicious recipe. Mushrooms are a favorite ingredient for me.


Lemon kiss, served on a small white plate
Lemon kiss
Heart shaped pie with cherries, served on a white plate
Heart shaped pie with cherries

Baked lemon kisses and a heart shaped pie with cherries this day. The lemon kisses are meringue cookies from the Koekjesbijbel. The pie recipe came from the Koopmans website. For dinner I got us take out from Het Oude Tolhuys.


De Moestuinwinkel, inside the fresh produce part
De Moestuinwinkel
Fresh produce
Fresh produce
Grilled cheese sandwich served in a carton box
Grilled cheese sandwich
Het Oude Tolhuys, from the outside, the front
Het Oude Tolhuys
Flammkuchen, warmed up at home
Pannenkoekhuis Rhijnauwen, from the outside
Pannenkoekhuis Rhijnauwen
Ice cream, pancake rolls and a cupcake
Ice cream, pancake rolls and a cupcake
Het Koetshuis
Het Koetshuis
Restaurant Vroeg, outside the front with the name and grass field
Restaurant Vroeg

We made a short bike ride in the neighborhood and stopped for take out at different places. At De Moestuinwinkel we bought grilled cheese sandwiches and a lot of fresh produce. After that we had flammkuchen at Het Oude Tolhuys. Further on our bike ride to Pannenkoekhuis Rhijnauwen, were we had ice cream, poffertjes and a muffin. Next door is Het Koetshuis were they had a delicious wrap. At last we got some goodies at Vroeg. After all this I didn’t prep dinner, since we were already stuffed.


Blueberry pancakes, served on a purple and pink plate
Blueberry pancakes
Apple Spiced Tea, , served in 2 tea mugs, seen from above
Apple Spiced Tea
Spiced White Chocolate Milk , served in 2 mugs
Spiced White Chocolate Milk
Pepper Burger with caramelized onions, served on a blue plate
Pepper Burger with caramelized onions

For breakfast we had blueberry pancakes. After that I made us Apple Spiced Tea, which was a warming drink. Then we made a short road trip to the beach. We strolled on the beach and had kibbeling at Wijk aan Zee. At home I had spiced white chocolate milk in the slow cooker. It was delicious. For dinner we had a pepper burger with caramelized onions.

In this week I posted 5 blogs on the website, namely Bacon and Kale Pasta, Week 5 2021 in Food Photos, Traditional Dutch Food: the Kroket, Cookies for Sale on Cosette is Cookin’ and Testing Different Mayonnaises.

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