Pork belly, presented in a deep white plate. The pork belly is sliced, and placed layered in a broth topped with flowers

Week 3 2023 in Food Photos

Week 3 2023 was another quiet week, just like the weeks before. The week ended with a bit of snow, a sleepover for Yuri, movie night and a fancy lunch on Sunday.

Week 3 2023


Snacks and mayo, placed on a plate with Christmas decoration
Snacks and mayo
Fries and mayo, placed on a plate with Christmas decoration
Fries and mayo

Work and school all day; we ended up having fries and snacks for dinner. Paul prepared them in the frying pan.


Another non-cooking day for me. We had leftovers for dinner. The day was business as usual again, with Yuri at school, me working from home and Paul at the office.


Pasta with ground meat casserole, placed on a white plate
Pasta with ground meat casserole

Yuri prepared our dinner this day. He made pasta with ground meat casserole form the cookbook De Complete Pastakeuken.


Summery vegetable stew, seen from the side, placed on a pink, purple and red plate with a knife and fork on the right
Summery vegetable stew

We had a Summery vegetable stew in the middle of Winter. The recipe is from the cookbook De Bijbel van de Turkse Keuken (The Bible of the Turkish Kitchen) and was delicious. The first day this week that I prepared dinner for us.


Snow in our garden, a small layer on everything, the pavement, chairs, table and bushes
Snow in our garden
BurgerMe, seen from above placed on a white plate. Fries and a burger with lettuce sticking out

There was snow this day! However it was gone by midday. We ordered dinner from BurgerMe. We love their burgers.


Basil-pancakes stuffed with vegetables, seen from above, two rolled up pancakes placed on a white plate
Basil-pancakes stuffed with vegetables

For breakfast we had basil-pancakes stuffed with vegetables from the cookbook Van Piepers tot Pasta (From Potatoes to Pasta).

Cake!, red and white layers on top of eachother, with two cherries on top. Placed on a yellow and blue Bollo plate

Yuri had a sleepover at a friend. Paul brought him to the friend and returned home with cake from a bakery.

Movie poster of Avatar, seen from the front, in a black rimmed holder, the women person half of her face visible
Movie poster of Avatar

In the afternoon we went shopping and to the movie Avatar The Way of the Water. Which was a cool movie.


Bread and butter, seen from above with glasses and drinks also on the table
Bread and butter
Pork belly, presented in a deep white plate. The pork belly is sliced, and placed layered in a broth topped with flowers
Pork belly
Fish, the second course, presented in a deep plate with black and grey lined rim
Fish, the second course
A mousse, third course. Presented on a white plate, white mousse with a green leaf on it
A mousse, third course
Beef and more, the fourth and main course, placed on a white round plate. On the wide rim with dents in it
Beef and more, the fourth and main course
Potato dish, presented in a square shape on a white small plate. Topped with greens
Potato dish
Chocolate dessert, mousse with a white oval on top. A chocolate cake with a pink decoration on top. Presented in a white bowl
Chocolate dessert
Cheese platter dessert, seen from above, presented on a white plate. 3 different cheese and a bit of sauce. A knife and fork next to the plate
Cheese platter dessert
Me sitting at the table with drinks and desserts on the table. People sitting behind me on different tables.
Me sitting at the table
The view at De Watertoren, Utrecht seen from the tower
The view at De Watertoren

My birthday was in December, but I got my gift from Paul in January. We went for lunch at De Watertoren. It’s a restaurant housed in the top of a former water tower. We had a 4-course lunch and perfect views on Utrecht. The portions were small, but of excellent quality and well prepared. All courses were delicious and I even had a glass of champagne.

Salted caramel pancakes, 1.5 pancakes on a white plate, seen from above. With a fork and knife on the plate
Salted caramel pancakes

At the end of the afternoon Paul picked up Yuri from his sleepover. Dinner was salted caramel pancakes and a bun with a Frankfurter.

So that was a week in which I only prepared one weeknight meal. Oops. Better luck next week.

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