Poached pears in red wine, still in the pan, seen from above

Perfect Poached Pears in Red Wine

Poached pears are a delicious treat, that’s perfect as a dessert, breakfast or on a pie. It takes a bit of time before they’re ready, but they’re worth it, they are so delicious. I’ve prepared many different cooking pears over the years, and this time I’m sharing with you poached pears in red wine.

Poached pears in red wine, still on the stove, seen from the side
Poached pears

This recipe for poached pears is from the cookbook Strooigoed from Anne-Marij de Koning. You’ll need pears, I used Gieser-Wildeman pears, which are specifically suited for poaching. Further you need red wine, pear juice, vanilla pods, cardamom pods and sugar. How to poach pears? Well peel the pears and let them simmer in a pan with all the other ingredients listed above. It needs to simmer for at least an hour, or maybe two.

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Used the recipe as stated in the cookbook, only left out star anise. I though I had it in my pantry, but sadly didn’t have it.

Comment below if you’re going to try it out, if you have any questions and tag #cosetteiscookin when you post pictures on your socials.

Poached Pears Recipe

Poached pears in red wine, still in the pan, seen from above
Poached pears

Allergies: pears, sugar, wine.


8 Gieser-Wildeman pears

500 ml red wine

250 ml pear juice

2 vanilla pods

150 grams sugar

2 cardamom pods


Bruise the cardamom pods. Peel the pears. Half them and remove the core.

Place all the ingredients in a pan and add the peeled pears.

Bring to a boil. When boiling, turn down the heat and let it simmer for 1 to 2 hours. Until the pears are soft.


  • Recipe source is the cookbook Strooigoed from Anne-Marij de Koning.
  • Enough for 2 to 3 persons.
  • You can add star anise.  
Ingredients, placed on the kitchen counter, seen from above
Before cooking the pears, everything in the pan, the ingredients
Before cooking the pears
Cooking pears done, seen from the side, still on the stove
Cooking pears done

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